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7 Inspiring Backyard Design Trends for 2021

7 Inspiring Backyard Design Trends for 2021

Many homeowners are using their extra time at home to revisit some long-overdue upgrades and improvement projects. One of the key focal points for improvement is the backyard. 

Upgrading the backyard is a fantastic way to add resale value and create a functional living space. Here are seven inspiring backyard design trends for 2021.

Eye-Catching Water Features

Water features are an older architectural trend that is making a strong comeback. Adding an eye-catching fountain or pond is an affordable way to create a private getaway just steps from your backdoor. 

If you have space available, install one of Aquatic Ponds stunning pond kits with a waterfall addition to create a tropical-inspired water garden. Alternatively, consider adding small-yet-elegant outdoor water fountains to add to the natural atmosphere of your space. Incorporating water features is a hot design trend for both indoor and outdoor decor.

Yurts and Screenhouses

Another burgeoning trend is the addition of semi-permanent functional outbuildings in the backyard. This design feature was starting to become popular before COVID-19 sent many workers home for the foreseeable future. Now, this extra space is fantastic for at-home camping adventures, important Zoom meetings, and finding a quiet moment alone.

Yurts and screen houses are also fantastic for shielding an eating area or hot tub, adding privacy to the yard without detracting from the natural surroundings. 

 7 Inspiring Backyard Design Trends for 2021

Single Privacy Panels

Privacy fences are a significant undertaking, both in terms of planning and budgeting. Many homeowners are moving away from this full-scale project and incorporating single privacy panels into their yard. These panels are often taller than a traditional fence, creating a barrier without detracting from the square footage. 

Privacy panels are inspired by pergolas and look fantastic when surrounded by climbing plants and small trees. Use a slatted privacy panel to let the light shine through while keeping prying eyes out of your backyard paradise. 

Eco-Friendly Garden Scapes

It’s difficult to think of gardens as anything other than eco-friendly, but some practices are better than others. One of the biggest upcoming trends in landscape design is eco-friendly garden scapes. This trend uses native plants that require minimal upkeep to limit the pesticides and time spent nurturing the plants to health.

Butterfly gardens are a popular form of eco-friendly gardens, with flowers chosen particularly to attract pollinators. Another up-and-coming eco-friendly gardening trend is the rain garden, which replaces an area in the yard to collect rainwater for gardening purposes. It’s often surrounded by plants that thrive on moisture. This feature goes well with a small pond insert. 

 7 Inspiring Backyard Design Trends for 2021

Sunken Fire Pits

As people revisit the joy of gathering outdoors, sunken fire pits are gaining popularity. These architectural delights are designed similarly to a sunken living room, creating an indent approximately three feet into the ground. Many designers add bench seating to support the structure and provide functional seating space.

The benefit of the sunken fire pit is that it maintains warmth and looks elegant and chic. This is a great addition to any yard and has the potential for year-round use. 

Polished Concrete Decking

The newest trend in decking is ground-level decks crafted with polished concrete rather than wood. The effect is similar to marble for an expensive-looking design feature that’s relatively affordable. 

Polished concrete holds up better than bricks and concrete blocks and requires less maintenance and upkeep than wood. This is an ideal design trend for homes with ground-level backyard entry. 

Raised Planter Boxes

Another captivating design trend for 2021 is the implementation of raised planter boxes. These add an air of elegance while decreasing the need for weeding and pest barriers in gardening efforts. As many homeowners are trying their hand at homesteading and vegetable gardening, these are a nice design addition that looks great and serves a purpose.

Use these inspiring design trends to upgrade your backyard so that you can retreat to your private paradise without leaving home.