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7 Research-Based Decor Tips to Spruce Up Your Home Office

woman works from her home office

George Milton from Pexels

Does your home office fuel your creativity? We think most home offices drive a lot of us to work anywhere EXCEPT at the actual office. For instance, don’t we find ourselves often working on our beds, couches, or in the kitchen?

With these science-backed decor tips, you can create your own space that inspires you to get down to business.

7 Science-Backed Home Office Decor Tips

1. Refresh Your Lighting

The next time you find yourself getting distracted while working, check your lighting. Dim lighting can often make you feel drowsy. Get a pretty lamp for your home office; this will liven up your space AND enhance productivity.

2. Add Green

Interior plantscapes can purify the air around you while also helping you feel calm. Plants also instantly beautify your space. While real plants will demand care, faux plants offer only the benefits, no hassles. 

Psychologists have even found that biophilic designs improve employee satisfaction and increase employee productivity by up to 15%!

How exactly do plants boost productivity?

  1. They make your home office seem more welcoming. Visually appealing objects do have a positive effect on the mood. So, even the mere sight of some pretty plants can make us much more energetic and feel optimistic about work.
  1. They boost creativity. This is actually called the “green effect”; it’s when you simply look at the color green before doing a task, and your creativity is enhanced! A doctor stated that green is often associated with physical and psychological growth.
  1. Plants help reduce noise levels. Research says it’s best to keep plants in the corners of your room so that they can absorb sounds effectively. This will prevent you from getting distracted, thereby letting you focus on your work.

We did a little digging on why plants in the office make us more productive. You’re going to want to read this.

In what ways can you decorate your home office with plants?

  1. According to color palette: Before you get your plants, consider the color palette of your surroundings. What’s the color of your furniture and walls?
  2. Get hanging plants: Plants that hang from pots make your entire workspace look very appealing.
  3. Opt for minimalism: Pick a vase and place some leaves, a plant, or some flowers inside.
  4. Get pretty containers for plants: You can group pots, glass jars, and perfume bottles together and place your plants inside.
  5. Add a plant shelf: Instead of keeping your plants sprawled about, how about you get a shelf to neatly arrange them?
  6. Don’t mix plant varieties: Maintain consistency with a single variety of plants in your workspace.
  7. Install green walls: They’re great to cover wall damage and blemishes. 

3. Get a standing desk

Sitting in one place for hours on end can make you feel gloomy. Not to forget, it also kills your back! When you get a desk that allows you to stand while working, you feel more encouraged to work. There’s an increase in blood flow.

 woman uses laptop in her home office

4. Use wallpapers

A large, floral wallpaper can do wonders for your mood. You can even hang paintings on your wall, or place some of your artwork (if you’ve got any) inside a pretty frame and hang that on your wall.

5. Ensure you have comfy furniture

Nobody wants to work sitting on chairs that give them neck pain! Get comfortable furniture that looks AND feels good.

6. Get a bookshelf

Filling your workspace with books is an awesome way to keep the mind stimulated. When you take work breaks, you can squeeze in some time to read your favorite book!

7. Add color to your surroundings

Getting plants is a great way to do this. But, in a more literal sense, painting your walls can do the trick. Depending on what uplifts you, get the color of your choice! It could be a bright shade, or maybe a more mellow, calming one.

Painting your walls green is a cool idea because it’s easy on the eyes. Because of this, you could be able to focus on your work better. In addition to green, there are some other colors that could increase work productivity.

  1. Red: If work is too hectic and you need a lot of energy to keep up, we recommend painting your walls red. This color could help you stay mentally and physically alert, thereby delivering quality results efficiently. There’s a reason, after all, that red is considered to be a passionate color; it gets the blood pumping and even increases the heart rate!
  2. Purple: Did you know that purple is often associated with creativity and serenity? Coloring your walls a light shade of purple could help ignite that inbuilt creativity in you, while enhancing your productivity too.
  3. Blue: The color blue is often linked to feelings of calm and quiet. During those stressful days, being in mellow and blue surroundings could do wonders for your mood. And we all know that we’re much more productive when we’re calmer and less stressed!
  4. Yellow: Yellow, just like purple, is said to help boost creativity. So, don’t wait up. Paint those walls yellow to improve creativity and get those creative juices flowing.

We hope these tips help enhance the look and feel of your home office. And if you need some awesome live plants to add some color and life to your workspace at home, you know what to do. Simply reach out to us.