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7 Smart Designing Tricks To Boost Productivity In Office

As a growing firm, it may be difficult to break the bank and hire a professional interior designer. 

Executing the entire planning yourself is another battle of dos and don’ts. But design is something that can slip to anybody. 

A little thought through and you can optimize your space with astute ideas and designs. Feng shui your office with these 7 smart tricks to boost productivity in the office. 

1. Logical Layout 

The first element to any space décor is a logical layout. Have you ever thought about how it would be if you had an asymmetrical layout distracting your sight?

Placing desks in a congested position can cramp things up.  

Having a workstation beside a toilet or an area that everyone uses can be distracting. 

Sort the spaces with a layout that keeps your employees’ intent and concentrating. 

2. Play the Color Psyche Way

Colors can hit the alpha brain wave. It stimulates hormones that affect the mood, emotions, and mind of a person. 

Color psychology is legit. A study says that a blue street light can reduce the crime rate if used in a due manner. 

Colors like red, blue, and yellow help speed, soothe and drive a person into taking willing risks and performing well. 

 7 Smart Designing Tricks To Boost Productivity In Office

3. Glam Up!

Personalize your spot. Bring in items from home that complement the interior and reduce anxiety. 

Think about a handmade family portrait from PortraitFlip. It will motivate you to work harder for these people you call your family. 

Little artistic artifacts around the workstation can promote high creativity. 

Let your workforce play with space until they find their comfort in work. 

4. Natural In-Light 

It is very important to have a thick beam of natural lighting reflecting through the walls of the office. 

Natural light regulates the circadian rhythm and acts as a spur to happiness. 

Enough window is not something that comes in handy. 

Yet, make sure you incorporate mirrors or natural light tubes inside the office. 

5. Zone Out!

Incorporate designated spots for every hustle. 

A devoted zone maintains the vibe of the place and supports positive habits. 

A private room to work in utmost peace and privacy. 

A fun zone to carry out most of the corporate games and activities. 

A thinking zone for people to think, rethink or maybe take a nap. 

You can also name each zone according to the colors that stimulate each sensation. 

 7 Smart Designing Tricks To Boost Productivity In Office

6. Shrubbery

A gorgeous assortment of plants emits good vibes and makes the office feel alive. 

The science behind it is simple.  

Plants circulate fresh air making the office aura clean and the employees energetic. 

The bonus would be the aesthetically pleasing, Instagram post-worthy photographs. 

7. Break the Glassdoor

Create opportunities for movement. The best way to hit the peak of productivity is to allow your employees to take breaks. 

Breaks do not necessarily mean pee, tea, or lunch breaks. 

Provide space for them to move around while thinking. Let them indulge with other departments.

Quick, a short break from work can leave room for them to gain a better perspective of things and enroot new ideas.