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7 Tips for Starting a New Gardening Hobby

7 Tips for Starting a New Gardening Hobby

If you haven’t yet discovered the joy of gardening you are missing out on what is a brilliant hobby that can quickly ignite a real passion for beautiful plants and enjoying what nature has to offer.

It is relatively easy to get started in the garden with Ground Guider. All you need is a few handy tools like a spade to get you on your way and access to some beautiful native plants online to create a stunning new outdoor environment.

Here are some pointers to get you started with your new gardening hobby.

Decide what you want to grow

You might be excited to start growing vegetables that you can put on your plate as well as planting flowers and shrubs that you simply want to enjoy.

The first step in your gardening adventure is to decide what it is you want to grow so that you can plan out the space available to accommodate those plans.

Think about climate and soil

Your local climate and the type of soil that is natural to that area can have an important bearing on what sort of plants you might be able to put in your garden.

It is well worth talking to other gardeners in your area to see what they manage to grow successfully. Even the most accomplished people will struggle if a plant is not suited to the climate or soil that it is being put into, which is why it makes sense to do some research before you buy.

 7 Tips for Starting a New Gardening Hobby

Prepare the ground

You need to put in the groundwork to prepare your garden for planting if you are going to enjoy success in creating a display that thrives.

Make sure you completely clear away and weeds and sod that could have a detrimental impact on how well your plants and vegetables respond to their new environment.

Preparation is essential and you will be rewarded for your hard work and diligence.

Test the soil

If you are a gardening newbie you can’t be expected to know what sort of soil you have to work with.

Thankfully, inexpensive soil testing kits are readily available and will give you an accurate assessment of what sort of soil you have.

The quality and type of soil you have should be an influential factor that helps you pick the right plants that will thrive in that environment.

Prepare the soil

The next step is to prepare the soil so that it is ready to receive your plants and help them get established.

The soil should be nice and loose as this will help the roots to get established and it needs to be moist rather than dry too.

 7 Tips for Starting a New Gardening Hobby

Learn a bit about plants

Gardening is a hobby that allows you to develop your knowledge as you go along but it makes sense to have a basic understanding of what sort of plants you want for your garden.

Perennials mostly flower during the warmer months of the year and the majority of perennials are herbaceous, which means they die back and regrow in the spring. Some are evergreen, which means they keep their foliage throughout the year.

Annuals are more short-lived plants and provide an instant display of colour that will need to be replaced each year.

Learn when to plant

Last but not least, certain plants need to be put into the ground at the right time of the year.

Make sure you read the instructions when ordering plants online so that you give them the best chance of flourishing if you have prepared the soil and chosen the right month to plant them.

Most of all, enjoy what is a really engaging and enjoyable hobby. When you start gardening you will quickly wonder why you hadn’t started before.