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7 Tips to Make Your Website More Visually Appealing

7 Tips to Make Your Website More Visually Appealing

There are many ways to keep your audience interested, from creating interesting ads to introducing a loyalty program. However, being in an online business means your website is your main point of contact with your customers, which is why its design is very important. You want them to feel welcomed and inspired to make a purchase. This is why it’s necessary to make the website visually appealing. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

Stay minimalistic on the homepage

You want to keep the homepage minimalistic as you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors. Use it to communicate your core message and appeal to the emotions of your potential customers. 

Opt for a few key sentences and photos, instead of attacking the visitors with thousands of words immediately. You want them to be able to process what you have to offer and encourage them to keep exploring your website. To do this, you should put all the important content above the fold, use whitespace to separate different elements, and include a call-to-action, whether that’s signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase. 

An interesting example is a scrollable website Kickpush that has just a few phrases on a homepage, but just the right amount to keep a reader scrolling for more content.

Include a visual hierarchy in your design

Something else you need to do is to design with visual hierarchy in mind. Hierarchy is important as it will display your content in a clean manner and help visitors find what they need with ease. 

Remember to highlight your name and logo by making them more prominent. Then, find the right layout for your website in order to lead your visitors in the direction you want. 

Stripe and grid layouts can play a big role in achieving the hierarchy you need to reach your goal. As seen at awwwards. the grid layout is great for fashion- and art-focused websites, such as Reserved or Baubauhaus.

Make it easy to read

Hierarchy is also important as it makes the website easy to read. You need to organize the pages in such a way that the reader will know exactly what they are looking at. Furthermore, contrast and the type of font you choose are key for readability. 

Good examples are niche blogs. As you can check it out at CasinoTopsOnline gambling blog, the website’s hierarchy is nicely organized in a way that a reader immediately knows what he/she is looking at. There are also modern and easily clickable images for subsections, such as classic slots, video slots, Vegas slots, and 3D slots. Along with that, colors are following the blog’s theme, the contrast is right, the font is appealing to the eye. 

 7 Tips to Make Your Website More Visually Appealing

Keep your company colors

As we mentioned, using your company colors is also crucial as you need to present a unified front on all platforms. This is why the process of deciding on the right shades for your business is so important. Colors that clash can often create a busy website so stick to two or three base colors at most. You need to learn a bit more about the connotations some colors come with and be mindful of those when picking your scheme.

Do not overlook the importance of spacing

What is more, you should not overlook the importance of white or neutral spaces when it comes to making elements stand out. 

Sometimes, your color scheme might seem too overwhelming. In order to not lose any important elements, you need to provide enough spacing between them and highlight what is important. The Teacher’s Guild website is a good example when it comes to utilizing white space to emphasize CTAs.

Design for usability

All of the previously mentioned features should help you guide visitors to the checkout page. However, you should ensure they can quickly contact you if they run into any issues. Keep a chatbot at the bottom of the page, include an FAQ section, and make other contact options easy to find. Make sure to regularly update and train the chatbot to improve its accuracy and effectiveness in assisting customers. If you’re just starting a website and wondering what is a chatbot, it is a computer program designed to interact with users and provide automated responses. Implementing a chatbot can enhance user experience and streamline customer support on your website. Also, make the checkout process as simple as possible by not requiring users to register in order to make a purchase.

Strive for consistency

Finally, you need to ensure that your entire website fits the tone and aesthetics you’ve set for it. From the about section to blog articles all the way to your web store, everything needs to incorporate the message of your brand. So, use the same font and size, have the same shape or color for all actionable items, and make sure the margins all align.

In addition to the visual aspect, you have to ensure your website is responsive and that it loads fast. In this fast-paced world, no one has the time to wait for a website to load; they will simply move on. So, don’t overlook any important elements of website design in order to attract and retain customers.