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7 Ways To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Solar Panels 

Newly build houses with solar panels attached on the roof against a sunny sky

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The sun is the most fundamental element of solar power. Solar panels, otherwise known as photovoltaic panels (made of photovoltaic cells), get energy from sunlight. They convert this light into electricity; thus, you can use the power to light and heat your house, warm water, and even run your electrical appliances.

Solar panels have become extremely popular today, as people are trying to minimize the cost of electricity bills. There are many other ways in which solar panels are used. Some of them include remote sensing, solar ventilation, and of course, producing electricity for both business and household use.

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Moreover, it’s important to realize that, for solar panels to generate more power, there are certain hacks that you’re required to employ. Some ways you can maximize the efficiency of your solar panels include:

1. Take Advantage Of Sunshine

You need to realize that the higher the exposure of the solar panel to the sun, the more power it generates. Thus, the best time to get maximum electricity from these renewable energy sources is during the day. Therefore, to increase efficiency and get the best out of your solar system, it would be best to use as much electrical power as possible when the sun is still shining.

Also, you can go for solar concentrators to help increase the exposure to sunlight. These concentrators are viable because they concentrate light into the solar cell using a Fresnel lens. They help increase your solar efficiency significantly.

However, it’s good to note that traditional solar panels can’t use these solar concentrators. They are made specifically for concentrating solar panels and aren’t used in traditional solar panels.

Other ways in which you can maximize the use of sunlight include:

  • Charging the inverter while the solar power system absorbs sunlight from the skies.
  • While the sun is still out, charge gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • Adjusting all your heating and cooling devices that use solar power to a favorable temperature before nighttime.

2. Make Sure That You Have Backup 

A lot of people believe that they’ll have a consistent supply of electrical power after installing the solar panels on the roof, even if they fail. However, this isn’t the case. The reason is that once the photovoltaic panel goes down, the concerned stakeholders (utility line workers) are supposed to work to repair the problem. Therefore, they need to be sure that there isn’t any live current along the entire system. To be safe, they prefer shutting down the whole system as they fix the problem.

Ideally, this is where a backup comes in handy. All the essential systems that need electric current to carry out your everyday household routine will remain fully operational and functional. This is because, as much as they’ve shut down the system, you can still use electricity whose source is the battery backup.

The battery backup gets power from the solar panels during the day. In essence, these panels take in a lot of electrical energy that you can’t exhaust in a single day. Therefore, instead of wasting excess power, it is automatically fed into the utility grid of your electricity.

This power is then backed by your utility company. In case your system stops generating power, maybe at night, you can use the electrical energy in the backup. The advantage of this is even if the power goes off in other people’s houses, you’re assured that chances are low for you to experience a blackout.

It’s important to note that you need to be careful before you go for a battery. Consult a professional so you don’t buy any counterfeit battery that’ll fail within a short span. It’s better to buy a quality battery that’ll serve you for a long time and maximize the efficiency of your solar panels.

3. Ensure That You Clean Your Solar Panels 

If your main objective is to optimize the efficiency of your panels, then keeping them clean is something you shouldn’t ignore. Dust can quickly settle on the panels and accumulate on their surface, which isn’t good because this reduces the effectiveness of the photovoltaic cells.

The reason is that they can’t directly reach these cells when the sun rays fall on the panel. Therefore, for the sunlight to access these cells, you need to ensure that no dust or dirt has settled on your solar panel. This, however, doesn’t mean that you clean them daily.

Solar panels tend to work better over time, so it would be best if you cleaned or outsourced a professional cleaner to do it for you, preferably twice a year. Clean solar panels tend to last longer than those that aren’t cleaned and have maximum performance, boosting your returns on investment.

 Close up of new building with black solar panels

4. Try And Put Them Strategically On The Roof

The other way to make your solar panels more efficient is by placing them correctly and strategically on the roof. It’s fundamental to ensure that you’ve set them at a proper angle. Also, choose whether you’ll place them using the landscape or portrait orientation so they can receive the maximum light possible daily.

For instance, your solar panels should face towards the north if you reside on the southern side of the globe. On the other hand, if you live on the northern side, it would be best if your panels face the true south. So, ideally, just ensure that the solar panels have direct exposure to the sun to get the best results.

5. Keep The Solar Panels Under Moderate Temperature 

As much as sunlight plays a crucial role in maximizing the solar power system’s workability, the temperature shouldn’t be as much. One common thing all solar panels have is that the higher the temperature, the higher their inefficiency.

Therefore, to protect the photovoltaic panel, you must take proper care of it and ensure it’s not susceptible to extreme temperatures. You can do this by ensuring there’s a gap between the solar panels and the roof. The reason is that there’s free air circulation, and thus the temperatures around the solar panel are moderate. This plays a significant role in stopping the heat from adversely affecting the photovoltaic cells.

6. Avoid Shades During Installation 

When installing the solar panel on your roof, avoid placing it on a side not reached by the sun’s rays. Therefore, it’s important to check for any tall trees or buildings that can cast their shadow on your solar panel and avoid placing the panels on those sides of your roof.

Otherwise, if you do so, that will affect your solar power system’s efficiency since it needs the sun to function correctly. So, whether you’re the one installing it or someone else is doing it for you, you should be frontline to ensure that the solar panels can access maximum sunlight.

There shouldn’t be a slight shadow anywhere on the panel. To understand why having a shade isn’t a good idea, an excellent example to illustrate would be if you’ve connected around four solar cells in a series.

Suppose this is the case in your solar panel—one of the cells has been covered by a shade. In such a scenario, the one covered by the shadow will start consuming the energy that the other panel produces. This then lowers the efficiency of the entire power system.

7. Hire An Electrical Expert Once In A While 

Apart from cleaning the panels, it’s crucial to allow an electrical professional to visit you once in a while and check the condition of your solar panels. They’ll check the system for any faults and correct if there are any, before they get worse. Also, they can advise you in case they notice that you’ve probably been handling anything in the solar system inappropriately.

It’s important to do this if you want longevity for your solar panels. So, to avoid spending too much money in the future trying to fix something that wasn’t as big at the beginning, ensure that you maintain your solar power system properly. This will help in maximizing the solar panel’s efficiency.


Solar panels have become popular nowadays as individuals try to minimize their utility bills and leave less carbon footprint on the planet. You’d want your solar panel to serve you for a long time without any complications and get maximum output out of them. Some of the ways you can use to enhance the efficiency of the solar panels include: cleaning them regularly, having power back up, and placing them at an angle where they can easily access sun rays. Also, you need to get an expert from time to time to check the solar power systems’ conditions and fix any issues. Try incorporating all the above tips to maximize the efficiency of your solar panels.