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8 Powerful Tips For Painting Your Fence Like A Pro

8 Powerful Tips For Painting Your Fence Like A Pro

Fact: every homeowner loves to have an attractive homestead. You want to be the icon of your estate that other residents reference to it as the definition of a cozy home. For this to happen, you must invest in decoration and beautification. You work on your flower gardens, lawns, walkways, and driveways. However, few people give attention to the fence. 

After putting a fence around the yard, many people do not think about it. But what they do not understand is that the fence is the face of their home. You should not follow this route. Painting your fence can be a game-changer and transform your home into a haven of attraction. 

While you decide to paint your fence, you must ensure it helps you realize this goal. Here are some of the exceptional pro tips to consider in your fence painting task:

Do the Painting During the Warm Season

Before you think of apply paint to your fence, it is vital to consider the weather. Many fence painting Calgary tasks happen in the warm months. Carrying this task during the warm season comes with several benefits. 

First, it allows better setting and fastens the drying of the paint. Cold temperatures and rain would be ruin to your work. The weather will not only slow paint drying and settling, but also the rain can wash it away. How would you feel seeing your work going to waste?

Again, hot weather is not a good idea. The hot sun will dry the paint faster than expected, denying your fence to absorb it effectively. As such, do your painting during warm temperatures. 

If the weather does not cool down, you should handle the task when the fence is under a shade. So, take the task in the morning or evening hours when the temperature is warm.

Choose the Right Tools for the Task

The tools and equipment you apply in a given task matter. They can make it complex or simple. However, this depends on the size of the task. Fence painting is no different. You need to choose asuitable method of applying the paint depending on the size of the fence you will be painting. A brush can be a perfect idea for a small area. 

When you use the same for a large and wide fence, it will call for patience. You will also take a lot of time to finish the task. For this reason, you need to consider a spraying machine for the task. 

But before using it, make sure you get the right paint formulated for the spraying machine. As well, ensure you do the painting on a calm day.

Ensure You Protect the Plants Next to the Fence

Your task is to paint the wall, not the plants. You do not want to ruin the fence vegetation during your painting session. For this reason, you must come up with a way to protect the plants. 

One way to do this is by covering them with a plastic sheet. Also, you should trim the plantation to a perfect size. Otherwise, you can consider canes and plant ties. Do not sprinkle the plant with paint as it can hurt them. 

Clean Up the Fence

The purpose of painting your wall is to give it a new look. You want it to shine and align with other decors in your yard. For this reason, it is essential to clean up and repair any mess on it. You can apply a new coat while your wall has rusty nails, loose screws, or cracks. 

Consider going around the fence and identify any areas requiring fixation. Though fixing and cleaning the fence may eat up your time, it is a worthy task. This action will avoid making your effort going into the drain by missing your goal.

 8 Powerful Tips For Painting Your Fence Like A Pro

Pick Your Favorite Color

Certainly, personalization is a desire of every person. Everyone wants their home to match their personalities. This principle does not change with the fence. Your home fence should have some marks about you. People should be able to associate the fence with you even before they confirm it. 

The secret to personalizing your fence is painting it with your favorite color. Apply it efficiently. This way, everyone will feel your presence even before they get to your home.

Paint a Primer Coat

When it comes to painting, one coat is never enough. Perfect results lie in applying at least two or three coats. So, consider applying a primer coat on the fence. 

When done, give it sufficient time to dry before applying the second layer. This practice will guarantee a superb finish and give exceptional results. 

Consider Starting From Top to Bottom

The formula you use to paint your fence is crucial in getting the desired results. When you get into the task, it is essential to start painting from the top downwards. This approach allows you to catch the paint globules as you head downwards. 

The case would be challenging if you started the work from the bottom upwards. So, the top to bottom approach is the perfect option for your wall painting task for simple and outstanding work.  

Enhance Your Safety

Though painting a wall seems like a fun experience, it might temper with your eyes. Some of the paints may contain elements that may react with your skin. Also, you might fall if the wall is tall and you use a weak ladder. 

In this essence, you need to prioritize your safety when carrying out the fence painting task. Get the exemplary safety and eye protection gears. Also, ensure you have a firm and sturdy ladder. Do not try to push yourself harder to reach far corners. Instead, use a ladder for the task. This way, you will make be safe and complete the task effectively.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, a fence is essential to every home. The structure act as the face of your home to the outside world. For this reason, painting is a great idea. Following the above tips will help you give your fence a facelift and attract guests to your home.