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8 Tips for a Happy Kitchen Remodel

8 Tips for a Happy Kitchen Remodel

For many, the kitchen is regarded as the heart of the home, and as a place that brings everyone together. If you enjoy whipping up tasty meals for you and your loved ones, your kitchen needs to be functional, practical, and spacious for you to execute your culinary skills. 

There are lots of reasons why homeowners undergo kitchen remodels every year. Whether it’s to meet your family’s needs, personal style, or improve functionality, here are some top tips on how to have a happy and successful kitchen remodel.

Look for Inspiration

Once you’ve decided that a kitchen remodel is the way forward, you need to have a solid idea of how you want your space to look. Instead of jumping into the project with your eyes closed, looking for inspiration can fill you with ideas and give you a direction to go down. There are lots of platforms you can use to inspire you, such as Pinterest. Don’t rush your research. When you think about how much time, money, and effort you’ll put into your kitchen remodel, you want to be left with the best results and a space that matches your personality and style.

Devise a Budget

After you’ve collected inspiration and know what kitchen style is right for you, you need to devise a budget to cover the costs of the project. Whatever you do, you need to begin by examining your finances so you can figure out how much you can realistically afford to spend. In an ideal world, we would all have the kitchen of our dreams. However, you may not have the funds to turn your dream into a reality. Instead of spending beyond your means and being faced with a mountain of debt, creating a budget, and sticking to it is a must. 

There may be unexpected surprises along the way which must be accounted for in your budget. Try not to get too carried away with your kitchen remodel, as you could end up losing track of your money.

Choose the Layout

After you’ve assessed your finances and have a good idea of what you’d like, the next step is to find a designer for your kitchen remodel. You will want to choose someone who fully understands your style, so having excellent communication between the homeowner and designer is vital for success. A designer can work with you to choose the various components of a kitchen, such as what countertop material to opt for, or cabinet styles to purchase. 

Make sure you’re open and honest with your designer from the start, otherwise, they may not fully understand what you want to get from your kitchen remodel. They are there to turn your dreams and ideas into a reality.

Pick a Reputable Contractor

The contractor you pick to carry out your kitchen remodel could make the difference between a successful project and a disaster. Any contractor you select must have lots of experience, the right skillset, and be dedicated to giving you the kitchen remodel of your dreams. You can opt for home remodeling by Beattie Development, for example. Experts in kitchen remodels, the team incorporate the newest technology and trends to provide homeowners with the best finishes and features. Beattie Development also specializes in bathroom remodeling, outdoor living, and home additions. 

 8 Tips for a Happy Kitchen Remodel

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

When your kitchen remodel project starts, all kinds of clutter, dirt, and mess will quickly accumulate. This means that you may not be able to use your kitchen while work is underway. Understandably, you’ll need some space to cook food during this time, so setting up a temporary kitchen in another room is key. Even if you have to rely on a microwave for the time being, having some appliances to use during the project is important. 

If you’re able to, you may benefit from finding temporary accommodation while your kitchen remodel takes place. This means you’ll have a space away from all the drilling and construction work going on, giving you some much-needed peace and quiet. What’s more, you’ll have a kitchen that’s fitted with all the essentials, allowing you to cook with ease.

Focus on Functionality

When remodeling a kitchen, you should always put functionality first. Even if the aesthetic is at the forefront of your mind, should your refrigerator and sink be spread too far from one another, this will become a nightmare when it comes to preparing and cooking food. An inefficient layout will hinder the usability of the food prepping area, as well as make cleaning up and cooking more difficult. An experienced kitchen designer will help you with this to ensure you’re left with a kitchen that serves your needs.

Purchase the Right Appliances

Which appliances to purchase for your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the remodeling project. This is because appliances play a vital role in fulfilling your particular cooking needs. You need to be realistic when picking appliances, as some may be appealing to the eye, but may not look right – or even work – in your kitchen.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and be more eco-friendly, it’s best to purchase energy-efficient appliances. Doing so will mean you’re doing your bit for the environment. Also, just because an appliance has a higher price tag, this does not mean it’s the best product on the market. Whether you’re looking for an oven, refrigerator, or freezer, take time with your search. 

Keep Stress Levels at Bay

If you have never undergone a kitchen remodel before, understand you need to be prepared for all eventualities. Should things not go as anticipated, stress levels can quickly rise which can make the project difficult to follow through with. Keeping your stress levels at bay is a must, so trying out deep breathing exercises or meditation can help you stay cool, calm, and collected as work gets carried out.

A kitchen remodel can increase the value of your property, add extra storage space, and increase comfort levels. For the project to run smoothly from start to finish, combining the tips above is essential.