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8 Tools Professional Home Contractors Should Have

8 Tools Professional Home Contractors Should Have

As a professional home contractor, your tools are an essential part of your business. Without such tools, you won’t be able to complete jobs and will lose clients quickly. But, there’s a crucial distinction between having tools and having the right ones. The difference between a tool that can get the job done and tools that can get the work done properly is often the difference between a so-so business and thriving one.

While several contractors seem to get by spending a bare minimum on tools, these aren’t the contractors who will have a successful career. For the sake of your clients and your company, it’s vital to make the necessary investment in quality tools like Pacific Trail Manufacturing Products. The tools will help you to complete jobs in a professional and timely manner.

Whether you are working on a big property that requires industrial tools and equipment such as those from Ejawda or a small apartment, below are some of the tools you should have as a professional home contractor:

1. Power Tools

Power tools such as the Dewalt Brushless Twin Pack give you a convenient and quick way to do your job. When you’re starting out, having universal and common power tools will help you immensely. You’ll need power tools in many scenarios such as the following:

  • Power Drills – These are different from cordless drills since they have a cord. They require a constant power source and are more powerful than cordless drills.
  • Power Nailers – Home contractors often nail lots of things together. If you need to pound every nail by hand, your arm might get tired easily. Nail guns have nails inside a casing, which can drive nails in when you pull the trigger.
  • Reciprocating Saw – These are popular tools used by a lot of construction workers, window fitters, and rescue services personnel. Accessories and variants are available for specialized uses like long blades and clamps for cutting big pipes. Different blades are available for different uses and materials.
  • Oscillating Multi-Tool – This tool is used for jobs such as sanding, caulk removal, grout removal, making different cuts, drywall cutouts, wood floor installation, and so on.
  • Sander – This is used to smooth out and sand down rough areas on a surface. It has clamps, which lets you change the sanding paper whenever required.
  • Angle Grinder – It’s a power tool used for various polishing and grinding purposes. The motor of the grinder drives a geared head at right angle. A thinner cut-off disc or an abrasive disc is mounted on the geared head. If required, either of these can be replaced after wear and tear.

Just remember that the power level of power tools may vary depending on the type of the unit. For instance, corded power tools are suitable for those who require a stable power supply while cordless power tools offer easy maneuverability. However, they may run out of power suddenly if the stored power is consumed. To learn about more power tools visit nextsaw.com.

 8 Tools Professional Home Contractors Should Have

2. Portable Saws

Portable saws are something that professionals should always have. There are saws available at Pacific Trail Manufacturing that feature a rotating trigger handle. The handle is made to enable a variety of cutting angles and help gain access to tight spots. The compact size and maneuverability of portable saws make them easy to transport and use. The ability to cut close to surfaces makes them a great addition to your job toolbox.

3. Circular Saw

If the job site needs a lot of woodcutting, there are very few tools handier than circular saws. They work precisely and efficiently and most come with safety cutoffs. The cutoffs may detect the difference between skin and wood. This development has been useful for many professional home contractors. Most circular saws are now cordless, making them ideal for those who need to work in a remote location.

4. Adjustable Wrench

By investing in a quality adjustable wrench, you don’t have to carry around different wrenches of varying sizes. Professional contractors often carry many bulky materials that they need from one site to another. The golden rule is to invest in tools like adjustable wrenches to reduce the physical burden.

5. Tape Measure

Whether or not you want to build a custom home, very few tools are more useful for professional home contractors than tape measures. If your work involves precision, a tape measure is a must. This helps you to accomplish tasks like cutting the right size lumber for a particular appliance or furniture. A tool that lets you measure your surroundings accurately is definitely invaluable. If you are not sure about a measurement, never try to eyeball it. Depend on measurement tools like tape measures to get a precise reading. Inaccurate measurements can lead to wasted resources and will cost you and your clients more money.

6. Level

Eyeballing measurements will often end badly. If you attempt to guess the height at which a particular object must be placed within a construction site, the bad consequences may trickle through the rest of the home construction project. With the use of a level, a professional home contractor can work on various home projects with confidence.

7. Testing Tools

Most of the time, to ensure a successful building project, there’s a need to test particular components involved in the tasks at hand. For instance, you may need to know the moisture level, interior pressure, or presence of natural gas in an area. You need some testing tools such as moisture meter, mold test kits, gas sniffer, and water alarm for such purposes.

8. Screwdrivers

These are some of the most frequently used tools in any home project. From removing the light switch covers to putting together any kind of furniture, screwdrivers are used for everything. However, it’s essential to note that screwdrivers of different styles and sizes are apt for different tasks. So, make sure that you get an assortment that includes different sizes of Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers. Note that the Phillips tip is star-shaped while flatheads have a flat blade.


Working as a professional home contractor is a lucrative job. However, you can earn well only if your business operates smoothly. Success depends on many factors such as having the right type of tools. So, if you want to grow as a professional home contractor and boost your profits, make sure to invest in the tools mentioned above.