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9 Types of Ponds You Can Have in Your Backyard

9 Types of Ponds You Can Have in Your Backyard

You can never go wrong with a backyard pond, it is the best thing you can choose to install on that empty patch. It doesn’t just make the place look good but it also raises the value of your property in some way. Backyard ponds come in many types differentiated by the size, the design and the animals you choose to have in there.

The following are the 8 main types of ponds for your consideration.

Natural Ponds

This is the kind of pond that forms on its own by a combination. It could be part of a marsh, or have an underground source of water. The thing is, if you happen to be lucky enough to live next to a natural pond then you will not have to go to the trouble of building one. All you would need to do is simply add fish and other animals and you can sit all day watching them move about.

Plant Ponds

These are ponds whose surface is covered in its entirety with floating water plants to give the impression of a floating water garden. Some people prefer to have plants instead of fish and this can add  very aesthetic touch to the scenery surrounding your house. Compared to ponds that rear fish, plant ponds do not need as much attention and can be left to their own devices.

Elevated Ponds

Rather than sticking a hole into the ground, an elevated pond is made out of concrete that is fenced all around with the bottom either tiledd or cemented to trap all the water within the trough. It is one of the safest ponds for fish to live in and involves the least amount of construction work. You have the freedom to raise it as high as you want and make it as deep as well. You can even add a transparent glass on one end to turn it into a large outdoor aquarium.

 9 Types of Ponds You Can Have in Your Backyard

Wildlife Pond

This is the type of pond that is created to purposefully attract all kinds of water animals. It operates naturally without any form of artificial filtration process and in most cases it usually has an inlet or an outlet connecting it to a bigger natural water body. Wildlife ponds feature a lot of water plants that provide most of the oxygen and very few man made structures. They are usually shallow to allow as much light to reach the bottom for plants to thrive better. Frogs and salamanders love these kinds of ponds and you will find large numbers of them before long.


These are the super tiny ponds that can accommodate only a handful of water animals. They are usually set on top of a patio inside a decorative pot or concrete basin. They are mainly ornamental and do not require a lot of work. They require constant addition of water to due evaporation. Owing to the small amount of water, mini-ponds have to be taken indoors during winter or you risk freezing all the fish to death.

If you have toad plants then add the small ones that do not occupy too much space or use too much water or oxygen.


Fountains are purely for aesthetic purposes and can be very impressive depending on the design you choose to go with. They can be added into a pond to provide the much needed water circulation that helps oxygen to percolate into the water efficiently. The fountains can be in the shape of animal or human statues shooting water from a container or from their mouths.

Koi Pond

This is a pond created specifically for keeping koi fish. Koi fish are one of the most sought after pond fishes in the world, thanks to their beauty and adaptability. There are various types of Koi fish you can have in your pond, each with its own unique characteristics. However, they do not cost cheap, and getting them can be a hustle at times. They also require a lot of attention. This means you need to not only feed the fish, but also clean the pond regularly and invest in a quality pond filter.

 9 Types of Ponds You Can Have in Your Backyard

A Swimming Pond

Rather than going for a full-blown swimming pool that would cost you more, a swimming pond is a watered-down version of it that can serve the same function with less hustle. For stars, it will add beauty to your property because you will have the freedom to design it however you want using any colors. This will provide you with a place to dip yourself in during the hot summers.

Fish Ponds

The biggest reason why people decide to have pods in their backyard is to have the chance to have fish. Fish ponds make the bulk of fish ponds across the globe and they are able to accommodate all manners of small fish. However, they are the most demanding when it comes to maintenance. You will have to spend extra to install filtration systems and all kinds of pond filter media for it to work.


The type of pond you decide to go with depends on many factors. You have to be located in a palace that is not too dry. You will also need to have the budget for the whole set-up as it is not cheap. You will need enough space and the basic technical know-how of running a pond. 

When it comes to cleaning the pond, never use substandard products. Use proven and efficient Mountain Tree filter media to get the best value for your money.