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9 Ways to Improve the View From Your Window

Does the view from your window make you angry or sad and even a funny movie or a PlayAmo app doesn’t help you? In this case, you can fix this problem with the following tips. 

Put Shelves in the Background of the Window

This solution will not only fix the view from the window but also help to use the space that is usually wasted. The shelves should be removable so that they do not interfere with window cleaning. Glass shelves and clear colored glass vessels look especially beautiful against the background of the window.

Hang a Curtain of Thread

You can get rid of the sad picture outside the window by hanging crystals made of crystal, as well as curtains made of beads or threads in the background of the window.

Order Curtains With a Print in the Form of a Landscape

Take a picture of any landscape you like or choose something from the available designs and enjoy as much as you like.

 9 Ways to Improve the View From Your Window

Buy Decorative Panels

They come in all sorts of images, from the Eiffel Tower to a hamburger. The main advantage of such decor is the ease of installation. Once the “view from the window” makes you bored, it is easy to change to a new one.

Go Greening Your Windowsill

Beautiful plants will be a great alternative to curtains, and at the same time will cover the hateful landscape outside the window.

Order Stained Glass Windows and Pseudo Stained Glass

Stained glass windows have recently been unjustly consigned to oblivion. The magical paintings assembled from pieces of glass, in a leaded binding, have become something of an anachronism. Fortunately, today this art is experiencing a new rise.

Pets Will Help

You can put a bird cage or aviary by the window. The cheerful chirping of feathered beauties will distract from all the problems. Just first find out from experts which birds tolerate direct sunlight and draughts well.

 9 Ways to Improve the View From Your Window

Hang up the Blinds

Wooden blinds with horizontal slats look the most aesthetically pleasing. Remember: blinds are suitable only for rooms which face the sunny side, because even in the most open “turn” they considerably reduce the amount of light.

Decorate the Glass With Pictures

Paintings can be placed not only on the wall, but also on the windows, too, especially if behind them is a view of an inconspicuous brick building. Besides, hang curtains in the color of one or more similar baguettes.