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A Guide to Doing Up Your Period Property 

When you are doing up a period property, you can often feel restricted by the home design that has come before. However, it is possible to both restore your period property to its former glory, while also creating a redesigned home that you enjoy living within. Then, here are some top tips for doing up your period property. 

Use Molds to Repair Fixtures

If your new period property has not been well-maintained in the past, it is likely that some of its more delicate design features will require restoration. For instance, intricate cornices and moldings can often become cracked over time. Although you might believe that you will have to replace these completely to revamp your space, this is not the case. Instead, you should consider using casting resins and a mold release agent to create a mold of the cornice design that you can then replicate, allowing you to restore the original feature. 

 A Guide to Doing Up Your Period Property 

Invest in Replica Features

Although you might be tempted to opt for a modern alternative when you are doing up your period property, you must prioritize restoration above replacement. This means that, if you cannot find original features to use, you should consider investing in replica features that have been made in the style of the period. This may mean that you need to opt for custom-made furniture and fixtures, such as fireplaces, to give your home design the look that you are vying for. 

Employ Experts

Soon after you have invested in a period property, it is common to ask yourself, ‘What am I doing?!’, especially if you have never owned an older property before. If you are beginning to feel out of your depth or if you have no prior experience of period homes, you should consider employing professionals who specialize in period properties and their restoration and redecoration. This will then allow you to put your home in the hands of the experts. 

 A Guide to Doing Up Your Period Property 

Repair Before Renovating 

Before you get the paints out, though, you need to consider any repairs that need to be made. If you ignore these, you may soon find that your new décor is ruined by issues that could have been prevented, such as roof leaks or clogged gutters. By repairing these features, you will then ensure that your period property will remain standing for many years to come. 

Be Aware Paints and Wallpapers

When you are redecorating modern homes, the only consideration that you have to worry about is what color paint you are choosing. However, when you are decorating a period property, you also need to consider the type of paint that you are using, with breathable paints being best for the damp walls that often go hand-in-hand with older homes. However, this is not to say that you should not worry about the design choice of the paint or wallpaper that you are investing in. Rather than opting for the latest trends in color, you should swap these for traditional wallpaper designs.