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A look inside the 25th ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi


The ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi has celebrated its silver anniversary opening its reindeer clad doors for the twenty-fifth time on December 12. The 25th ICEHOTEL features a wide spectrum of art and design, with ideas ranging from Eastern European folk art, through to suites inspired by clock works, the Baroque and Gothic architectural eras. “Time Piece” looks like the inner cogs and wheels of a clock, while “Prime Mate” transports the guest into a lush rainforest. In the suite “Hot Type”, guests will sleep in the midst of the printing process. A commemoration to the art of printmaking, at the same time a play on the words “Hot Type” and “Cold Setting” used in traditional printing technique and a reminder of a craft that has much been taken over by the digital world.


This year, ICEHOTEL hosts 42 artists from 11 different countries. Aside from new design and art work, the hotel also features a new event hall, bar area and workshop for the ice sculpting classes that guests can take part in. The theatre, Aurora Hall, has been using a new building technique whereby ice is casted on to a giant balloon. For this reason, the inner walls are built with solid ice, and the outer walls are covered in soft white snow, making for natural light and acoustics that are different to the other areas of the hotel.

 3-a-look-inside-the-25th-icehotel-in-jukkasjarvi 4-a-look-inside-the-25th-icehotel-in-jukkasjarvi 5-a-look-inside-the-25th-icehotel-in-jukkasjarvi 6-a-look-inside-the-25th-icehotel-in-jukkasjarvi 7-a-look-inside-the-25th-icehotel-in-jukkasjarvi 8-a-look-inside-the-25th-icehotel-in-jukkasjarvi 9-a-look-inside-the-25th-icehotel-in-jukkasjarvi 10-a-look-inside-the-25th-icehotel-in-jukkasjarvi

all images © PAULINA HOLMGREN, courtesy of ICEHOTEL