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About the Mid Group and Sahel Majali

The Mid Group is an award-winning construction, development and investment company, dedicated to enhancing value for its partners and clients through innovation and professionalism. Operating as a multinational organization, encompassing several specialized divisions, the Mid Group incorporates several subsidiary companies including Sterling BIM, Mid Holding, Mid Consulting, Mid Contracting UK, and Sterling Living.

Sterling BIM

Sterling BIM utilizes the latest BIM technology, working with clients and main contractors across all sectors, throughout all stages of construction. Sterling BIM’s team of talented, creative, competent individuals come from a range of different professional backgrounds, including architectural, MEP, structural, and infrastructures.

Mid Consulting

Mid Consulting is rapidly establishing a reputation for its intuitive consultancy services. Mid Consulting advises clients on a range of different aspects of construction, including project and programme management, commercial structuring and management, cost management and design management. Every client is unique. Mid Consulting is committed to providing dynamic, tailor-made services to meet the individuals needs of every client.

Mid Contracting UK

Mid Contracting has earned a reputation as one of the UK’s leading alternative contractors, delivering exceptional service to clients across the UK. The company has delivered projects of varying sizes, from £5 million to more than £40 million.

Mid Contracting specializes in adding significant value to clients, rather than providing the same services as other contractors. Mid Contracting liaises with clients to assess their project needs, delivering solutions that meet budget, build quality, and timeframe requirements.

 About the Mid Group and Sahel Majali

Sterling Living

Sterling Living develops residential properties, working with landowners to help them optimise land value. From planning and fundraising to developing new housing schemes, this Barking-based company helps clients at every stage, using its extensive expertise to help them increase asset value.

About Sahel Majali

Sahel Al Majali is Chairman of the Mid Group, an organisation he established in 2014. Throughout Mr Majali’s 30-year career in construction management, he has gained extensive expertise in new construction technologies. 

Prior to his role at the Mid Group, Sahel Majali presided over Mid Contracting in Jordan, another company that he founded. Today, as Chairman of the Mid Group, Sahel Majali uses his in-depth knowledge to help the company grow, leading the business forward with the ultimate aim of establishing it as the best construction company in Britain.

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