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adidas Limited Edition adizero F50 Tattoo Pack


adidas has unveiled a limited edition redesign of the adizero F50 as part of the #ThereWillBeHaters collection: the new adizero F50 Tattoo Pack. The design of the adizero F50 Tattoo Pack represents the creativity and self-expression that only the very best players are capable of. The left and right cleats feature separate motifs that bring to life the themes of “love” and “hate.” The right cleat features a menacing black skull motif emphasising strength, power and hatred. The left cleat is designed with bright colors and diverse designs including a rose design that symbolize a player’s love of the game.


The new Tattoo Pack cleat features all of the product innovations that make the adidas adizero F50 the ultimate weapon to maximize speed and manoeuvrability. The 3D dribbletex layer on the upper optimises speed dribbling in all conditions while the grip texture, stud configuration and second level of traction on the forefoot base provide maximum manoeuvrability.

The limited edition adidas adizero F50 Tattoo Pack boots are available to purchase on March 9 on adidas.com, soccer.com and at specialist retailers worldwide.

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all images courtesy of ADIDAS