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Airbnb’s Floating House On The Thames, London


A magical Floating House designed by Nick and Steve Tidball for Airbnb has taken over The Thames this week and will be docking at Putney Pier on 22 May, to celebrate new rules to support home sharing in London. The one and only Floating House at Number 1, The Thames, offers bespoke living quarters including two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room, as well as its very own garden complete with dog kennel and wisteria. The twin architecture graduates from London’s Bartlett School of Architecture say they “were inspired to create a fairy tale structure in the middle of London – something that would allow people to see the city from a different angle.”

This is a real, functional house — and you can enter to win a stay for four people on May 22, but this privilege comes with a few caveats: no swimming in the river, no house parties, and no acts of piracy.

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all images and video courtesy of Airbnb