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AMPL SmartBackpack: Laptop Backpack with Built-in Power Station


San Diego-based tech startup AMPL Labs introduces the SmartBackpack, a combo backpack/mobile power station that can power portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets — even laptops — while protecting them with a shock-absorbing core and rain-resistant coating. The backpack is equipped with six USB connectors, an internal 18.5 watt-hour (Wh) battery, and supports up to three optional modular SmartBatteries for additional phones, tablets, and laptops. Its SmartSensors communicate battery levels, internal temperatures and more to the AMPL mobile app, giving consumers the ability to monitor and control charging inside the bag without having to open a zipper.

Set to begin shipping in September 2015, the SmartBackpack is available now for $240 USD via preorder, 20% below retail cost.


2-ampl-smartbackpack-laptop-backpack-with-built-in-power-station 3-ampl-smartbackpack-laptop-backpack-with-built-in-power-station 4-ampl-smartbackpack-laptop-backpack-with-built-in-power-station

all images and video courtesy of AMPL Labs