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An Insight on How the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers Work

An Insight on How the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers Work

Technology has been in our homes for so many years now. It was a matter of time until it would get into bathroom and kitchens to cover basic hygiene needs. The best automatic soap dispensers now finally manage to wash our hands without forcing users to touch them even for a second. They don’t leave mess behind on the sink, neither do they scratch after the first wash.

It’s not all about functionality. Automatic soap dispensers have an amazing visual appeal. They come in metallic, transparent or colorful design and look modern and appealing. Soap dispensers now can successfully accessorize minimalist, tech-oriented and even bohemian homes. You have so much to choose from, yet there’s a bit or reluctance left whether they really can solve their basic tasks. So, aside from looking so good, how do the best automatic soap dispensers work?

 An Insight on How the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers Work

The Mechanisms Behind the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers – It’s not hard to find the best automatic soap dispensers which harmoniously match your faucet. There are products which best-fit home kitchen and bath use, welcoming public institutions or restaurants and even hospitals. They clean your hands, remain clean and let you control the amount of soap, antibacterial agent, foam, or gel you will use.

The below mechanisms are all available in products from the online stores’ catalogs. You can make an informed choice by a first consulting specialist and user opinions. According to TodayBestReviews, some of the best products come with instant dispensing, silicone valves and sparkling design. Read more to discover other features before making a purchase!

 An Insight on How the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers Work

Infrared Sensors – Sensors trigger soap dispensing by bursting ultrasound or microwave energy and waiting for it to return. When it does, your hands are placed under the basin. Usually, the best distance between the dispenser and the hand is around 3.35 inches (8.5 cm).

However, the dispenser doesn’t continuously work. When your hands are not below the pump, there’s no light reflection, so no pulse detected. There’s also a passive infrared technology, which only works when it detects energy coming from human body heat. The fluctuation then activates the pump.

Photo sensors are the more popular and accessible versions of infrared technology. The mechanisms use a source of focused light and a light sensor. When you place your hands under the beam of light, you activate the pump mechanism. There’s no visible difference between infrared and photo sensors. Sometimes, they work together as the source of light for the photo sensor can be a laser beam.

Air induction technology is patented by simplehuman soap dispenser producer. It creates a vacuum that infuses micro-bubbles into the soap through high intensity. Such a technology allows the user to control the exact air – soap ration and create a balanced foam texture. The technology is used in the pumping mechanism and is powered by source or through handle.

Some automatic dispensers come with LCD displays which show the soap volume still available, together with current volume level. Why would such a feature be useful? It’s protected against moisture, so you shouldn’t have trouble seeing what’s inside the dispenser and how it works.

You usually cannot adjust the soap level prior to washing, as you need to touch the dispenser. Yet, you will find the option useful when you see that there’s little soap left.

 An Insight on How the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers Work

Why Do Soap Dispensers Feature Modern Mechanisms?

Their hygienic role is only accomplished if you don’t touch the dispenser before washing your hands. In the past years, you could have a touchless wash, but their use lead to a dirty sink and a dirty pump. They now come with silicone valves which avoid spills and touches.

You can increase the efficiency of germ prevention by adding using antibacterial soap with the dispenser. Flight terminals designers usually choose usually such mixes to minimize pathogens distribution from one tourist hand to another.

Automatic soap dispensers are usually simple to install and use. You clean them as per the instructions without damaging their layers.

Soap dispensers are built to minimize hassle. If you don’t use them in a while, you don’t need to clean up random spills. They can also be placed in the kitchen and help cleaning up during the cooking process.

The products are eco-friendly and save you money. Batteries are either rechargeable or long lasting.

They are children-friendly and help them learn to wash their hands correctly while enjoying the automatic soap dispensing. Around 5% of the people wash their hands correctly in the public restroom, according to a study.

For design purposes, soap dispensers have been developed with modern or friendly looks. You can match them with the faucet or the entire sink.


Take a close look to your bathroom or kitchen and define your style. Decide which of the above features you look for in a product and find the best options!