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An Overview Of Kitchen Remodeling

Renier Chalon / Mamout Architects - photo by Guy-Joël Ollivier

Kitchen remodeling is cheap and easy if you have the necessary knowledge on how to go about it. The process of remodeling is not too expensive to achieve that beautiful final look. You require proper planning and the appropriate workmen to make it a success. Having a plan ensures the process runs smoothly. You may visit different stores and read various magazines to get the new kitchen ideas. As you plan, remember your necessary need that you would want the kitchen to satisfy. Create a budget plan which is well divided for each aspect to be remodeled. After successful planning and preparation then the job may begin. Some of the vital processes include:


It is the first process when you need to remodel your kitchen. The doorways and the window trims would need to go first. Disconnect any power supply to the kitchen. All appliances may be removed including the lighting systems and all kitchen add-ons. If you need to reuse any of the equipment, you can store them well.


After demolishing the kitchen and making it clean, mold treatment can take place. Kitchen molds are majorly caused by water leaks in the piping’s supplying water. Sink leakage can cause dampness in the kitchen which would lead to mold accumulation.

Remedies For Kitchen Molds.

Some of the best remedies for kitchen mold include:

Use of chlorine bleach. 

Kitchen mold may build up over time on your walls. You can use chlorine bleach first to clean the walls and any other part that has mold build up. Chlorine has oxidizing effects which make it a good mold remover. It also has sterilizing properties which would treat the molds. Chlorine ensures even the toxic mold disappears and is not harmful.

Inspect for leakages on water pipes and sinks.

You can check your water supply line to the kitchen at the various junctions which may have leakages. If you are not replacing the water lines to the kitchen, it would be good to let your plumber seal all the leakages. The sink should also be sealed well when reinstalling it to ensure that it does not leak.

Improve the kitchen’s ventilation. 

Poor ventilation encourages the development of mold in your home. You should improve the ventilation of your kitchen. Proper ventilation ensures that moisture does not build up. Ensure that the windows are unobstructed when remodeling. You can install a moisture meter in your kitchen to assist in monitoring the humidity levels.

Use Mold-Resistant Products. 

During the remodeling process, you can use mold resistant products on the walls. A homeowner can use sheetrock or mold-resistant drywall. These make the surfaces to be water resistant.


Old kitchen plumbing may lead to leakages and breakages. Your local plumber should be able to help with the final steps on a kitchen remodel. From appliance installations to water line hookup, they can do it all.


Circuit breakers and electrical cables may require to be replaced over time. They tend to fry and can leave the wires exposed which is an electrical hazard. The ceiling lighting may also be replaced, or you can refit the old ones.

You can check with the city wire code department to ensure that you use the correct halogen and fluorescent bulbs. Wall switches and sockets may be upgraded to better versions which are safer. Your electrician can install countertop receptacles.

 Apartamento Em Alfama / Atelier Rua


Installing sheetrock and dry walls on the kitchen walls would make it waterproof. It is a process which would require several days. One layer of drywall takes a day to be dry. It would need three layers making it a total of three days to complete.


The painting should be done before fitting the cabinets. Buying quality paint would give you the desired output in your house. You can use a professional painter who will ensure the final look is well done.

 Casa Zaire / Paulo Moreira Architectures - photo by Ivo Tavares Studio


It’s now time for your floor and cabinet to be installed. You can choose to have bamboo, cork or recycled carpet for your kitchen floor. In other cases, your contractor may advise you to use the eco-friendly wood floor. These materials last for longer when used in the kitchen.

You can buy the kitchen cabinets from a store. They would offer you a professional installer who would assist in the process. When choosing the design make sure it would fit well and not restrain movement in the kitchen.


Quartz kitchen countertops would give your kitchen a rich finish and are heat resistant. You can decide on a color that would blend in with the kind of wall painting in the kitchen. If the countertops are custom made they may take some time to be fabricated. Granite countertops are also a perfect choice for countertops.

After the countertop is installed, then now the backsplash can be fixed. The backsplash should blend with your countertop and cabinet doors. After installing the countertop, your kitchen is now ready to use.

 ARL008 Shaker Studio / Ariel Claudet - photo by Cyrille Lallement


Appliances are the final step in remodeling your kitchen. Your electrician and plumber can do the refitting of the appliances which you would need. Any other equipment required can still be installed in this stage. They should inspect your equipment and installations for any errors. Your kitchen is now fully remodeled and ready to use.