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Andrea Ponti designs Kitechen Utensils for Ommo

Andrea Ponti

Diga, Koma and Torus are three kitchen utensils designed by Hong Kong-based Italian Andrea Ponti for new design-oriented brand Ommo. Minimalist approach, bright colors, stainless steel and matte plastic, abstract shapes and curved lines are the defining features of these products designed to be extremely functional, user-friendly and fun.


Diga is a two-color melamine salad bowl where vegetables can be washed, drained and served. The disk at the bottom of the bowl can be turned counterclockwise to drain water when washing vegetables and it can be turned clockwise to lock the drain and hold condiments in the bowl when serving.


Koma and Torus are two tea infusers, each with an original design and a concealed function. Koma has a round base and a long stainless steel-trimmed handle which offers a comfortable grip and allows to stir the tea. And the brushed steel cover opens and closes at the touch of a finger to easily fill and empty the infuser. The perfect way to enjoy brewing tea. Torus is donut-shaped and can cling to any cup. It is accompanied by a case that can contain up to three different diffusers and can be used for dry storage of loose tea. Colorful, smart and extremely useful, these Ommo products are examples of how aesthetics can meet function thanks to fresh, cheerful and affordable design.

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all images courtesy of Andrea Ponti