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Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer: The Three Specialists in Building a New Home

Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer: The Three Specialists in Building a New Home

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If you’re embarking on building a new home, you will need a team of trustworthy professionals at your side to help you meet your goals. Within the wide world of design and construction, you’ll find a myriad of job titles, and it can be tricky to suss out who you need on your team. The sought-after trifecta for any large-scale build or renovation has to be Architect, Contractor, and Interior Designer.

Here, we’ll walk you through the key elements of these professions to illuminate their differences and see how they complement each other for a big home makeover.

The Contractor

A contractor is a highly trained professional who will oversee the actual construction work on a site. Either on their own or leading a team, they will execute the design plans, building walls, remodeling rooms or staircases, installing appliances, and more.

Typically, these professionals require specific licensure and have participated in extensive training through programs like those offered by Contractor Training Center. They often have a specialty, ranging from a general contractor who oversees all aspects of a site to specialized contractors who focus on trades such as electrical, plumbing, or masonry work.

Contractors are typically paid based on the overall project price, not based on an hourly rate. This rate often comes in at around 10-20% of the total cost.

 Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer: The Three Specialists in Building a New Home

The Architect

Unlike a contractor, an architect does not do any of the building themself. Instead, all of their energy goes towards creating a design blueprint of your vision so that it can come to life beautifully and effectively. Architects can also handle required permitting for projects so the work can proceed without any legal hiccups.

To become an architect, one must seek a degree in Architecture from a school with accreditation by the National Architectural Accrediting Board and apply for a license in the state they wish to practice.

Unlike contractors, architects are often paid hourly for the precise time they spend on a project. The rates can be hefty, ranging from $100-$250 an hour on average.

 Architect, Contractor, Interior Designer: The Three Specialists in Building a New Home

The Interior Designer

An interior designer works with both the architect and the contractor on a project to ensure that the energy and feel of the interior of your home align with your vision. They focus on planning internal spaces, offering design solutions that create a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and safe home for the people that live there. They also consider fixtures, paint colors, and other decor in addition to structural components.

While most states don’t require interior designers to seek licensure to work, especially on residential projects, some believe that seeking a license can increase their marketability. For a license, an education in Design or a related discipline is necessary.

Fees for interior designs can range from 10%-25% of a total project’s cost.


These three professions possess unique strengths that complement each other. When you create or find a team of professionals that are all working towards a common goal, the result, your beautiful new home, can truly be magical.