With summer in full swing, we all wish to spend as much of our time in the garden, soaking up the sun and unwinding in the great outdoors. It sounds like a dream, sitting in a hammock or lounging on the decking, however, this is only possible if your backyard is neat and tidy, and a joy to sit down in. Weeds and untamed grass, along with dying trees and wilting flowers scream chaos and disarray – the complete opposite to the safe haven you’ve been envisioning. It’s imperative that you, therefore, buckle down and transform your garden into a space you can enjoy the longer, brighter evenings in. Here are the top yard maintenance and gardening tips for you to do before the summer ends.

Mow the Lawn and Plant New Flowers

Untamed and wild grass can make any garden seem unfriendly and uncomfortable to lounge in. Therefore, it’s time to bring out the lawnmower and cut the grass so that it’s an appropriate length. Once you’ve done this, you have a much clearer view of your garden, so that you can picture exactly what it is you wish to do with it. 

Summer is the perfect time for loud, vibrant colors, so be sure to head to the local garden center and select vivacious plants that will brighten up your outdoor area. If you enjoy gardening, then including flowerbeds into your garden’s overall design can be perfect for those who have a green thumb. If you do not have the time or inclination, however, a few plants in pots or hanging baskets which are easier to manage (and replace) may be more your style. You should also plant easy-to-care-for flowers.

 3 Yard Maintenance and Gardening Tips for the Summer

Cut Down Dying Trees 

Trees can be great additions to a garden, especially the fruit-bearing kind. However, if you have a sick, diseased or dying tree, it can not only dampen the overall look of your garden, but it can spread its disease and contaminate other trees and plants. Cutting down and removing a dying tree is a giant undertaking, and it can also be dangerous. You need to hire a professional in tree removal, who can ensure the tree is properly and safely cut down, removed, and that the tree stump and roots are also pulled out from the ground so that the disease cannot spread.

 3 Yard Maintenance and Gardening Tips for the Summer

Fix Your Decking

Due to decking being made from wood, it’s easy for decking to become warped or rotten from the weather. Damaged or rotting decking can be dangerous to walk or stand on, and so you need to inspect the joists as well as each panel to ensure it is safe. You also need to check the nail or screws holding it all together. To keep your decking in good health, be sure to sweep it, keep the snow off, and clean and regularly seal the decking so that it is protected come rain or shine. Most importantly you should hire professionals like grounds maintenance Solihull West Midlands to keep your deck clean. What’s more, keep from painting or using a solid stain, as these tend to peel off and are difficult to maintain.