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Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas

Artificial grass in the design

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If you are looking for landscaping ideas with artificial grass, this article will be a guideline for you! Whether you have a small backyard or a huge field, you may take advantage of cool and creative ideas and you can get inspired when designing your areas! You may use artificial grass to create a wonderful environment in a swimming pool, children’s playground, fire pit, artificial pond, waterfall, garden and many more options.

It is seen that artificial grass has already taken its place in our lives. It is used in balconies, gardens for landscaping purposes and it can also be preferred as a ground product in sports areas. Offering a very comfortable use, artificial grass kent is a great solution to create a natural effect in your areas. You can experience spring in all seasons with artificial turf. In this article, we will explain every detail about artificial grass and guide you how and where to use it.

What is Artificial Grass?

If we give a short answer to the question of what artificial grass is we may say that it is a natural grass-looking product. It is produced in sports fields, landscape and decoration categories. In addition, artificial grass sourced from good artificial grass distributors is much better than natural turf. Because it offers many advantages. Let’s compare natural and artificial grass, together.

  • Artificial turf does not require extra care. Natural grass requires watering and resting. It deforms over time.
  • No oxygen and sunlight are required for artificial turf. Natural grass cannot live without them.
  • As long as natural grass exists, it continues to cause costs, there is no such problem with artificial grass.
  • Natural grass looks more lively than artificial grass because it is natural. But this vitality is not at a very high level.
  • Artificial grass can be used for decades, the average life of natural grass is 5-6 years. This is achieved by thorough maintenance.
  • Natural grass is alive, so its maintenance should not be interrupted. Artificial grass is artificial, resting etc. such cases are not necessary.
  • Artificial grass is more durable than natural grass.

Usage Areas of Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is now taking the place of natural grass due to the cost of irrigation, mowing processes and the loss of time in these processes. Artificial grass, which are produced as an alternative to natural grass, are preferred more often in terms of both affordable price and ease of use. With the development of technology, artificial grass for natural-looking landscaping has become more popular in areas such as gardens, terraces, balconies and winter gardens. For this reason it is possible to call it artificial landscape grass. Artificial grass stands out from natural grasses by providing high performance in all weather conditions. In addition to being resistant to UV rays, and resistant to cold, artificial grass is one step ahead of the other options with its non-flammable feature. With the new generation grass with maximum water permeability, even a floor heating system can be applied. It is produced in accordance with indoor use for decorative purposes as well as garden arrangements. For landscaping purposes, you can choose artificial turf with peace of mind in shopping malls, airports, hotels, golf courses, parks and recreation areas, streets and squares, schools, and around swimming pools. The dirt on the product can be cleaned manually with a suitable brush or with a suitable vacuum cleaner.

Install Artificial turf for home yard. Laying out fake grass roll and decoration for DIY green garden

Advantages of Artificial Grass

The fact that synthetic turf is made of polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials prevents the formation of any living organisms on the turf. Likewise, it is impossible for bacteria or insects to live on artificial turf. Thus, it is possible to say that artificial grass is safer and cleaner than natural grass. Furthermore, artificial turf does not contain any substance that will harm nature and does not contain harmful substances.

Decoration Suggestions with Artificial Landscape Grass

Since artificial turf will add a natural effect to the area, you can complete the balcony or garden decoration with a few simple arrangements.

  • Place the table and chair on the artificial turf.
  • Place potted flowers in appropriate areas.
  • By adding lighting such as lanterns, you can have a wonderful summer balcony or garden.

NOTE: One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the threads of the artificial turf will lie down when an item is placed on the artificial turf and whether it will be corrected afterwards. You can make the artificial grass minus vertical by brushing it.

FAQ About Artificial Grass 

Can I Apply Artificial Grass to Soil Ground?

One of the most curious questions for those who are considering having artificial turf in their gardens is whether to apply artificial turf to the soil. It is not recommended to apply artificial turf to the soil ground. Gravel or concrete should be preferred instead of this application, which is not recommended due to the risk of collapse over time, bad odor and mold growth.

Is Artificial Grass Easy to Clean?

Artificial turf is one of the easiest floor products to clean. With just water and a brush; you may clean artificial turf. There are a few points to consider when cleaning artificial turf. It will make your job easier to remove spilled, sticky sweet foods by spraying water on time or by scraping them with a wet cloth. You can remove the food spilled on it as a piece with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

How Do Artificial Grass Prices Differ?

Artificial grass cost may vary according to features. Each product has a different price range for the artificial grass price list. The first thing that determines the prices of artificial turf is the area for which the artificial turf is produced. Because all products have different technical features. The prices of artificial turf produced for landscaping and artificial turf products produced in sports fields will be different.

If you want to add a pleasant atmosphere to the area you have chosen with artificial landscape grass, you can achieve this wish by working with quality companies such as Integral Grass.