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Ascent Lighting Installation by Nocte

Sandra Ciampone

London-based studio Nocte was asked by The North Face to conceived a lighting installation for the NightRay Outdoor Fest in Verdon, France. Using nature as a basis for aesthetic, Ascent is an interactive installation that both blurs and highlights its surroundings. A mesmerising sight of smooth lines and soft light, the sculpture creates a harmonious relationship between human aesthetic and natural landscape. Intimately connecting it to its site, Nocte’s abstract reinterpretation of the mountainous backdrop was the visual focus of The North Face NightRay Fest.


ascent-lighting-installation-by-nocte-2 ascent-lighting-installation-by-nocte-3 ascent-lighting-installation-by-nocte-4 ascent-lighting-installation-by-nocte-5 ascent-lighting-installation-by-nocte-6 ascent-lighting-installation-by-nocte-7 ascent-lighting-installation-by-nocte-8 ascent-lighting-installation-by-nocte-9

all images © Sandra Ciampone | video courtesy of Nocte