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Autonomous WorkPod – Backyard Home Office for Working from Home

Autonomous WorkPod - Backyard Home Office for Working from Home

Working from home has become the ordinary routine for many, if not all, after the COVID-19 pandemic. Where work-from-home once seemed like a utopian dream, the reality is quite different.

If you want to perform your best professionally, the WorkPod for a home office is the right fit for you. Not only will it enhance productivity, but this office pod also gives you a private space to focus on your work.

Autonomous has been dedicated to building smart products that unleash your productivity with its innovative engineering and design. When you buy an Autonomous product, it is an investment to be more focused and productive with your tasks.

This Autonomous WorkPod review will delve into the benefits of installing the Workpod into your backyard and how that will effectively change your tune about working from home.

When to Consider Getting a Detached Office

Being productive requires you to be in the correct mindset and have the drive to perform better. If you don’t have a proper office area in your home and are currently utilizing your dining table or even your couch, you are prone to be distracted and uncomfortable.

As a result, your work will suffer. Also, uncomfortable furniture can add extra strain to your body, affecting your posture and health. On the other hand, a detached office like the Autonomous WorkPod offers comfort and amenities that make it the perfect working space for you.

 Autonomous WorkPod - Backyard Home Office for Working from Home

All-Weather Compatible

Whether it’s rain or shine, your home office pod will be ready whenever you want to work. It can withstand rain, snow, wind, and even heat, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to work when the weather is not optimal.

The materials used in the WorkPod have all been tested for durability and termite resistance. It also prevents insects and other nasty pests from invading your workspace. 

No Distractions- Separate Your Private from Professional

The interior of this outdoor home office is spacious enough to fit your workstation, chair, and bookshelf. Also, it has complete noise insulation that prevents you from being distracted by outdoor noises.


This Autonomous WorkPod review focuses on the basic requirements of a modern workplace. An ideal office requires wiring and power outlets so you can work comfortably with your electronic devices.

The WorkPod comes entirely wired and has heating and cooling systems installed. Complete heat insulation also allows the temperature within the pod to remain constant. 

It has an internal ventilator that makes sure that you’re breathing fresh air throughout the day and odors don’t get trapped within your working space. 

No-Hassle Installation

The WorkPod arrives at your place divided into 17 components that allow for easy transportation and installation. It will take a day maximum to install the unit yourself.

You can install this home office pod on uneven surfaces such as grass, concrete, gravel, and brick. The foundation is adjustable up to 4.5 inches. 

 Autonomous WorkPod - Backyard Home Office for Working from Home


The design of the WorkPod provides you with maximum utility and great aesthetic value. It is made with a mixture of high-grade wood (oak, walnut), aluminum and glass, adding a rustic modern vibe to your backyard while also serving as your backyard home office. 

The materials used are recyclable plywood and industrial steel. Around 80% of materials used to construct the WorkPod are eco-friendly. A regular office construction would not only be costly for you, but the environment as well, and the WorkPod avoids that by being sustainable.

The presence of a complete glass wall in the pod allows you to enjoy the scenery outside and ample natural light. In addition, it makes your working space feel spacious and airy without taking up too much room. 

Build the Perfect Home Office for Remote Working

This Autonomous WorkPod review has compared both the currently available variants: the Naked WorkPod ($18,500) and the Fully Equipped WorkPod ($19,600).

The Naked WorkPod only comes with overhead light and the cooling and heating unit. However, the Fully Equipped WorkPod offers ergonomic office furniture designed by Autonomous and formulated to give you perfect comfort and support during long working hours.

The following items come along with the Fully Equipped WorkPod:

  • Overhead Lighting
  • Cooling and Heating Unit
  • SmartDesk Pro 
  • ErgoChair Pro +
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Dual Monitor Arm
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Cable Tray

It also comes with a two-year warranty that allows you to exchange if there is a product malfunction. There is also a 30-day trial period during which you can test out whether the WorkPod is a good fit for you.

The Autonomous WorkPod allows you to work in silence and retain your focus and gives you a personal space in which you can hone and cultivate your professional skills.