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AVRA 1-Hundred Watch

AVRA Watch Company

Taking over six years in development and hosting five patents, the AVRA 1-Hundred watch features a distinctive 360-degree auxiliary time display. The 1-Hundred is the only watch available on the market with a Chronolock, a patented internal vertical crown locking system which helps ensure the watch remains watertight.

Director of Design and Owner of the AVRA Watch Company, Nicholas DiLoreto, worked with BMW and Volvo as an automotive designer before deciding to make the transition from car design to watch design. His intention is to bring the emotional scene from luxury cars to fine timepieces.


A powerhouse of innovative design paired with a strong Swiss timekeeping lineage, the 1-Hundred is designed to be durable. It is waterproof up to 100 meters and is available in titanium or stainless steel with an optional IP hardened coating.


Each watch is Swiss made and assembled by hand. Custom parts and patented technological advancements mean it takes roughly eight months to get one. Additionally, the watches will be produced in limited quantities because they require exceptional technical expertise during assembly. Check out the 1-Hundred here, retailing for $5,500 USD for the stainless steel version and $7,500 USD for the titanium build.


all images courtesy of AVRA Watch Company