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Bedroom Renovations You Can Do Yourself 

When it comes to a revamp the thing that pops into our heads is revamping our wardrobes. From women’s trousers and shoes to a new coat, underwear and some fancy new accessories. However, for many of us, we haven’t been leaving the house that much of late, meaning a complete wardrobe revamp may not be on the cards.

But, what about a home revamp? While you can get those new indoor clothing items to make homeworking a little easier, if you’ve been working from your bedroom, you’ve probably been thinking of making it a little nicer.

You’ve no doubt read about the person who revamped their whole home themselves. And, while this is fabulous, if you’re working from the bedroom, that’s the only place you’ll need to focus on. Therefore, we’ve listed some ways below that you can revamp your bedroom without having to pay someone to come and do it.

The power of paint

If you feel your room is looking a little drab, you’ll be surprised at how much a quick coat of paint will brighten it up, regardless of the colour you choose. However, go for a neutral, lighter colour as this will stop the room from feeling so closed in and give the allusion of a brighter space.

 Bedroom Renovations You Can Do Yourself 

Make it big

Speaking of space, if you have a mirror of two it’ll make your bedroom feel a lot bigger than it is, and of course, you’ll be able to check you look your best before those Zoom calls and before you head out once lockdown is completely over.

Multi-purpose furniture

If you’ve been working on the bed, then you’re doing it wrong. Not only will this reduce productivity, but it’ll also give you a bad back and could make it harder to sleep. But, if you have no room for a desk, opt for a type of dressing table that can double up as a desk.

Light it up

While we have a lot of natural light in the summer, if you’re working in your room come winter it’ll be much darker. But, don’t rely on that one-bedroom light, instead opt for a few bright lamps to add some wonderful light to your room.

 Bedroom Renovations You Can Do Yourself 

Go green

Plants are a great way to boost productivity and add a pop of colour and interest to a room. They’ll also help to keep the air clean, which is a winner all around really.

Take a seat

Adding a chair to your room gives you somewhere to sit while working or while doing your hair and face in the morning or night.

As you can see, with a few quick and easy improvements, you’ll be able to make your bedroom not just perfect for working, but a serene place you can relax at all times.