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Beer Foamer by NORM Architects for MENU


Beer Foamer by Copenhagen-based studio NORM Architects for Danish design brand MENU, helps you serve bottled and canned beer in the most beautiful and tasty way.

Normally beer enthusiasts recommend pouring your bottled or canned beer with a bit of splash into the glass to create bubbles. This will create some foam, but with large bubbles and low density. Sadly this will also destroy the precious bubbles in the beer and leave you with somewhat boring beer and big-bubbled foam. So not what you need.


To solve this, NORM Architects have invented a tool that separates the foam-making process from the pouring process. And they’ve achieved just what they hoped for: Crisp bubbly beer and soft, dense foam.


According to beer brewer professionals a foamy beer head is crucial for a complete beer experience and a good, dense beer foam is known to increase the taste, aroma and mouth feeling. Brewers worldwide put great efforts into creating the important aromas in the beer and the foam on the top ensures that these aromas are released as you drink the beer.


When drinking a proper foamy beer, the bubbles will burst and release the different aromas that rise to the nose and enhance the whole experience. Foam also affects the way the beer feels in the mouth and especially the high-density foam is important to achieve that amazingly soft and creamy fullness.