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Benefits of Buying Coffee Online

Couple of young guys having breakfast drinking a good cup of coffee

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Whether coffee is your start in the morning or your afternoon refreshment, if you are someone who drinks one cup at a time or five cups a day, you know that good coffee is one of the greatest pleasures in life. We love our freshly roasted coffee, so this is the best reason why you should buy coffee beans online instead of buying from a local supermarket. Since coffee is the most famous beverage globally, we certainly know that people make sure that they have Specialty coffee in their houses. If you are that type of coffee lover, you need to keep reading. 

The quality of coffee and its freshness

This is the most important benefit, which in itself is enough to be a reason to buy coffee online. Coffee is a biodegradable product. Although it is challenging to reach an agreement on when coffee is in its best condition, everyone admits that the quality will start to decline after a certain point in time. Many people are surprised at how quickly this happens. But this also depends on the quality and the kind of coffee. Premium coffee for example has a different time of declining for a simple first fact that it is held at good conditions. 

Various factors, including roasting style, packaging and environment, will affect the time, but most people say that coffee beans will reach the best coffee flavor within 7-14 days after roasting. It is also good to remember that whole beans are more stable than ground coffee. After opening, the coffee beans will retain their best flavor for multiple weeks (4-6 weeks), unlike ground coffee which must be consumed within 2-3 weeks.

Coffee lovers beliefs

Most consumers believe that because coffee is bagged in an airtight package, the freshness after opening is the same, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Coffee beans are at their highest freshness only within 3-4 weeks after roasting. After this period of time, the taste began to decay slowly. A few weeks later, coffee is just the shadow of what was before. Most grocery stores do not have a system to replace coffee with new bags every 3-4 weeks. Few local stores can maintain the freshness of coffee, and as a consequence, most of the coffee beans on the shelf are at least somewhat stale when you purchase them. Coffee purchased online is usually roasted and shipped within 48 hours. This means that you can get the beans 3-4 days after roasting, which gives you a slightly longer freshness. Compared to the beans you buy in the store, those extra fresh beans will stay in their best condition for quite some time. It’s tempting to assume that roasted coffee is a stable product, but it’s best consumed fresh like any perishable food or drink.

 Couple enjoys a good cup of coffee

A wider variety of coffee flavors 

Some people like to drink the same coffee every day, which is not wrong. For most coffee lovers, it is an adventure to drink this flavor of beverage. It is an enormous pleasure to explore all the different aromas provided by the coffee world. Especially if this industry is so wide and huge. I strongly recommend taking a look at the Cafendo coffee catalog to see new and different types of coffee to try. From dark roasted to light roasted from strong espresso to blend fruity beans and many more. 

Coffee online shops have a more comprehensive range of products than grocery stores: from different flavored coffee beans to different flavored ground coffee. Also, online coffee shops have various coffee syrups to improve your experience, like chocolate or vanilla syrups. What’s more interesting is to experience the flavor changes that these exquisite roasting can bring. For those coffee lovers out there, buying coffee online is a better option, and in this way, they can taste more coffee aromas without leaving the house to acquire it. 


This may be an obvious benefit, but that does not make it less important. Buying online can shorten your shopping list, which is more convenient. Given that there are not so many hours in a day, you might as well save some time by getting the coffee beans to you. The main idea is that you can have your beloved coffee without leaving the house, which is a fantastic opportunity. 

The bottom line 

If you had to choose between fresh coffee or stale coffee in the morning, what would you choose? This is the same choice when it comes to buying coffee from a grocery store or a specialized online coffee shop. Next time when you need to purchase your coffee beans, think twice and choose wisely.