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BeoPlay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bang & Olufsen has introduced its BeoPlay A2, a powerful portable bluetooth speaker with 360 degrees sound and up to 24 hours battery life. With a choice of either elegant green, pitch black or cool grey- and premium full-grain leather straps to go with that, you’re sure to find a speaker that matches your style.  At just 1.1 kg (less than 2.5 pounds) the BeoPlay A2 is the very essence of portability, and the sturdy materials and interchangeable straps mean you can bring it anywhere you like, anyway you want.


Two channels on each side of the speaker gives a full stereo experience although you have such a flat form factor. The placement of the drivers on each side, and the Bang & Olufsen solution called Power Response Enhancement ensure sound radiation around the edges, giving you a True360 sound experience

BeoPlay A2 is on sale from now at beoplay.com for $ 399 USD


3-beoplay-a2-portable-bluetooth-speaker 4-beoplay-a2-portable-bluetooth-speaker

all images and video courtesy of BANG & OLUFSEN