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Bespoke Microphone Accessories by PostlerFerguson

London design studio PostlerFerguson has collaborated with Viennese jewellers A.E. Köchert to create bespoke field recording tools for DJ Ken Hayakawa. PostlerFerguson’s project focuses on the potential of Köchert’s incredible metalworking skill and personal service to create functional tools that have the refined craftsmanship and personal statement of jewellery. The mix of functionality and style reflects the modern obsession of having our accessories, like phones and headphones, reflect our personality while also continuing the tradition of the Sisi Stars, a line of jewellery and accessories first created for the Empress Elisabeth in the 1800′s by Köchert.


For Ken Hayakawa, samples taken from field recordings are the basis for his compositions. PostlerFerguson’s attachments for his AKG C1000s microphone adapt it functionally to the challenges of field recording and celebrate the act of recording through their distinct visual style. A large brass cone shields the microphone, and also allows it to be balanced on flat surfaces for ambient recordings. The cable clip attaches the heavy cable to bags, and also can act as a hook to hang the microphone.


The pieces are on display as part of an installation at the jewellery firm’s store in Vienna during the design week, accompanied by a soundtrack by Hayakawa. The project is part of the Passionswege program for the Vienna Design Festival 2014, which pairs international designers with Viennese craftsmen to collaborate on creating extraordinary designs.

4-bespoke-microphone-accessories-by-postlerferguson 5-bespoke-microphone-accessories-by-postlerferguson 6-bespoke-microphone-accessories-by-postlerferguson

all images courtesy of PostlerFerguson