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Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website Design

Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website Design

Tony Schnagl from Pexels

WordPress is the biggest and most favored open-source Content Management System, with 75 million sites using it. And besides, it’s free, plus it has hundreds of paid and free plugins, like WordPress plugin A/B testing to help with functionality and design.

WordPress is a fantastic CMS solution, even if you don’t realize it when you first install it and begin creating your website. It’s because WordPress pulls all of its strength from the numerous ways in which users may alter it as easily and rapidly as possible.

You should acquaint yourself with the plugin collection to get the most out of WordPress. This is how WordPress manages to introduce innovative features to your website that aren’t currently available in your theme.

The unfortunate thing is that distinguishing the good from the bad might be difficult. So, to add functionality to your website, have a look at our selection of the finest WordPress plugins accessible below.

Elementor Website Builder 

You can use Elementor to build a fully distinctive look for your website. This makes it ideal for visual designers who want to develop a unique website but don’t want to wrestle with programming to make it all function.

The Elementor plugin essentially makes your WordPress site into a drag-and-drop system, allowing you to rearrange items in any way you like.

You may choose from hundreds of different modules in Elementor to add new components and functionality to your site. It also allows you to create in real-time, so you can preview your changes immediately rather than having to reload the website.

Elementor is compatible with nearly any theme or plugin, and it won’t slow down your current site. The Pro edition includes exciting features like pop-ups and a theme builder that allows you to customize your site’s header and footer.

WPforms plugin

WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress form plugins. Its user-friendly interface makes it suitable for both rookie and advanced users. There’s no need to be concerned with coding or complexity.

The free edition includes all of the essential contact form elements, such as basic form sections, spam prevention, email alerts, and a contact verification thank-you page.

The premium edition allows you to enhance the features, allowing you to create multi-page forms, email newsletter forms, payment forms, and other types of forms.

 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website Design

WordPress comes with some limited capabilities for hosting picture galleries, but a plugin like Modula provides a considerably more customizable and adaptable option for both the web designers and website administrators, as well as the guests to your site.

This plugin provides a very adaptable and fully configurable solution. Instead of being constrained by the style WordPress sets, designers may use this plugin to pick any visual style they wish.

TablePress plugin

Without writing any code, the TablePress plugin enables you to include attractive and functional tables into your website. Any table you make may be simply edited, just like an Excel worksheet.

TablePress is frequently used by businesses to provide a personalized list of recommended content. This personalizes the user’s experience on the site, improving the possibilities of conversion.

Since WordPress’s default galleries aren’t very impressive, you may look for something better. With this plugin, you’ll get more with the basic titles, and you’ll be able to put them up in a grid-like design more simply and fast.

This gallery is a little more visual, and the advantages of using this plugin are that you can design your gallery more appealing while also getting additional choices, such as multiple themes, layout, easy dragging and positioning of the photos, and so on.


Monarch is one of the finest social sharing plugins. This plugin includes current sharing buttons that you can tactically position on your pages to encourage visitors to share your information on social media.

Monarch allows you to show social share icons from more than 35 different networks in five different places. You may customize how your social sharing buttons are triggered in popups and fly-ins. You may also add social share numbers and change the design of your buttons.


iDevAffiliate is one of the first vendors offering affiliate management/tracking software. Its headquarter is located in the USA, California. It now officially supports affiliate software for a numerous number of carts including WordPress. Installation of the software does not require special knowledge and only takes a few minutes. Should you come across a problem, there is a number of community/video guidelines and support channels to help you out.

One may choose between the cloud version of the software and its self-hosted version. Both solutions are reasonably prices at $39/month (unlimited affiliates, but max 50,000 clicks) and $279 (standard edition) correspondingly. The software is highly rated on a number of independent review sites such as G2 and Capterra.