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Bisma Eight Hotel, Ubud, Bali

Ebes Rasyid

Bisma Eight is an independent, family-owned hotel which aims to bring its 38 suites away from any semblance of conventional lodging and more towards a boutique apartment with deep nods to Balinese art and craftsmanship.


Designed in collaboration with Arte Architect & Associates of Bali and Singaporean Interior Designer Jasper Chia of Fuur Associates — two of the most renowned firms behind the trending hospitality and F&B scenes in South-East Asia —  the building was conceived as low monolithic structures marrying modern elements such as raw concrete, steel, and glass. The landscape direction was built around the natural use of creepers and wild grass, with the help of SHL & Partners to bring the underlying Ubud forest theme throughout the hotel’s passageways.


Rooms are adorned with unfinished, reclaimed teak doors from old Javanese and Balinese dwellings along with southern walnut tones and copper trimmings lining the living room floors. Sliding cast-steel doors and concrete walls have been carefully curated to create a pleasant juxtaposition of both a calm and masculine space. 


Beds were designed to double as a headboard and a desk, blending style and function due to an ample amount of sockets and powder-coated lights for working within complete reach, with additional custom design swivel-reading lights to allow for private reading. 

One of the highlights in the room is a Japanese-inspired soaking tub made from sweet smelling Canadian cedar wood.

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all images © Ebes Rasyid