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BMW i8 Futurism Edition

Garage Italia Customs

BMW and Garage Italia Customs have created the BMW i8 Futurism Edition to celebrate 50 years of BMW history in Italy. The Edition combines the icon of future mobility with the Italian art of Giacomo Balla. “Lampada ad Arco”, the work of Giacomo Balla, is replicated on the car. The original painting hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It represents a street lamp powered by electricity under moonlight. The revolutionary color technique and the advent of electricity in the 1900s are strictly linked to the future technology of the BMW i8. The upholstery in the interior shows iridescent reflections when hit by light and is made by Solaro, a fabric that is used for suits.

“There was immediate synergy with BMW the very first time we met for the i8 Futurism Edition project. The BMW i8 Futurism Edition is a practice of style. It gave the Garage Italia Customs Maestros a chance to celebrate a car which is projected towards the future of mobility. At the same time, it honours Italian art with Giacomo Balla, who is a prominent figure of the Futurism movement” said Lapo Elkann, President and Founder of Garage Italia Customs.

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all images courtesy of Garage Italia Customs and BMW