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Boosting Your Creativity One Cup of Coffee at a Time

Boosting Your Creativity One Cup of Coffee at a Time

Coffee is probably the first thing you think of when you wake up on a morning and the drive that gets you in the shower and off to work after as much of a lie in as your alarm clock will allow. So what does this drink produced from coffee beans do for those who work in creative industries, and why do we love it so? From health benefits to supporting people in developing countries, this drink has a lot going for it.

The health benefits of coffee for professionals

Architects, Designers and Digital Marketing experts swear by the benefits of the zest which comes from coffee beans to boost creativity in the workplace. A recent study undertaken by Darya Zabelina, an assistant professor of Psychology in Arkansas, showed that one of the benefits of coffee is that convergent thinking improves with an intake of at least 200mg of the much-loved drink per day. Convergent thinking is essential for professionals such as architects who choose a cuppa from a reputable online source over an instant cuppa served up in a paper cup at a takeaway café en route to the office.

Fighting disease

The health benefits of coffee have been noted for many years. Apart from studies which show that it helps in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and even Type 2 Diabetes, those who drink a regular café have also been shown to have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease as well as several types of cancer.

The daily routine

In June 2016, this delicious drink was given a big thumbs up by the WHO as having the potential to help the body in the prevention of cancer of the uterus and the liver. An essential part of the Mediterranean daily diet, just like a glass of red wine, salad, or fresh that day bread, a short, quick cup of this delicious drink fuels Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French workplaces.

 Boosting Your Creativity One Cup of Coffee at a Time

African coffee for a creative boost

The benefits of coffee really do make you stand back and think you should definitely have at least one cup a day, but which type is going to bring the most benefits to your professional lifestyle and be the easiest to get hold of whilst upholding the ethos of Fairtrade and good land and forest management?

African coffee comes from not just one but many African producing countries. You’re bound to have heard of the Kenyan variety, known for its rich floral aromas and chocolatey, earth and spice infused flavours. Ethiopia is another place you’re guaranteed to have tried in your quest for a great drink to get the creative cogs moving. Coffee beans grown here have more exotic, berry flavours and luscious wine-like tangs – with good reason Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of this daily drink. For more experimental offerings, try some from Uganda. Here farmers tend to produce robusta and arabica beans and are recognised for their massive investments in expanding their knowledge, production processes and education to deliver a better cup for you and a better deal for farmers.

If you’re not sure of where to start with a taste of Africa, why not try one country at a time then once you’ve found a flavour profile that you like, try some from another country that has a similar taste profile. You can do this easily if you buy online from a specialist company, or even call them up for some purchasing advice for the best cuppa for you, whether you are a novelist, marketeer, publisher, designer or artist.

Where to buy coffee online

A top spot to buy coffee online is with coffee bean experts The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Co. where you can source the best flavours for a morning brew or an afternoon pick-me-up. A family-run business employing local people, the company focuses on a local service yet also delivers nationwide, and even plants a tree via Tree-Nation for every online order placed.