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Frame by Brilliant Labs: The Revolutionary Smart Glasses with AI

US startup Brilliant Labs has recently unveiled a new pair of smart glasses called ‘Frame.’ These glasses are equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities and offer various features such as AI translations, web searches, and visual analysis of the user’s field of view. The glasses utilize a 640×400-pixel color micro OLED screen with a prism projector to display the results directly in front of the user’s eyes.

One of the key functionalities of the Frame glasses is the ability to identify the user’s surroundings, perform web searches using Perplexity‘s AI search engine, and execute other commands solely through voice commands. However, the majority of the computational tasks are not handled by the glasses themselves, but rather by the user’s smartphones.

Frame by Brilliant Labs

The Frame glasses are designed to work in conjunction with Brilliant Labs’ NOA app, which accesses OpenAI’s GPT API for visual analysis and Whisper for translations. The glasses continuously learn and improve their performance through the tasks they process.

Frame by Brilliant Labs

While the NOA app is free to use, there are limitations on the number of requests allowed per day due to the utilization of external APIs. However, Brilliant Labs’ founder has confirmed that a subscription tier with no limitations is in the works. Importantly, users will never be required to pay for the hardware itself.

Frame by Brilliant Labs

In a departure from recent trends in AI-based hardware products, the Frame smart glasses are completely open-source. Brilliant Labs has made all the hardware plans and code for the firmware and NOA app available on their GitHub page.

The Frame AI glasses are currently available for pre-order at a price of $349, or $448 with prescription lenses. Shipping is scheduled to commence on April 15th.