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Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1

Bugatti has presented a special car, the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1, in Pebble Beach, California. This edition of the fastest production roadster in the world impressively demonstrates a core competency of the French luxury brand, namely customisation. The Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1 takes inspiration from the brand’s historical designs and vehicles. The result is a unique supercar which Bugatti president Wolfgang Dürheimer personally presented to the future owner from Singapore.


Every Bugatti which has been configured by a customer is unique. In addition to these, Bugatti produces strictly limited special editions. The Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1 presented at Pebble Beach is truly one of a kind, with a number of features exclusively designed and developed by Bugatti for the customer of this car.


The carbon-fibre body of the 1 of 1 was produced in black and yellow, reviving the historical Bugatti family colours. This colour scheme and the split will be exclusive to the Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1.


The legendary Bugatti horseshoe on the front grille is yellow on the front part while the inner section is black. And it is impossible to overlook the wheels of the Grand Sport Vitesse. The rims are painted black and yellow. The rims with the unique dual tone are an exclusive feature of the Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1, and the initials of Ettore Bugatti on the hubcaps likewise glow in yellow. This detail also appears on the oil and fuel flap.


For the first time, Bugatti has specially designed the radiator grille in the Bugatti horseshoe at the customer’s request. The traditional expanded mesh grille was replaced in the Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1 with a grille in which the customer’s initials, “PL”, were laser cut.


The Bugatti logo is among the most elegant automobile logos in the world today. No other modern Bugatti displays the Bugatti macaron as prominently as does the Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1. In addition to being displayed in its traditional place as an enamel badge on the grille of every Bugatti, here it appears in black on the yellow underside of the rear wing when it extends at 180 km/h.


The classic black-and-yellow colour scheme continues in the interior. Inside the car, the macaron is prominently embroidered in yellow in the black head rests.The interior also clearly echoes to the Bugatti family colours. The complete interior is trimmed in black leather. The instrument panel is made of deep-black exposed carbon.

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all images courtesy of BUGATTI