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Bulka Cafe and Bakery by Crosby Studios, Moscow


Designed by Crosby Studios architects the Bulka Cafe and Bakery is located in the Gorky Park in Moscow in the middle of the extensive gardens along the Moskva River. Thus the greenery theme of the park is projected into the interior design through various details letting a bit of sunny summer into short overcast days and long winter nights of Moscow.


The wide open space is divided into zones by industrial looking shelvings decorated with potted plants and fresh vegetables waiting to be picked up by the chef for cooking. Regular water pipes and fixtures just like one would use for outdoors water outlet in the country form the three faucets along the single wide sink made of tin ventilation channel. Solid wood floors are stained with grey shaded oil. The bench stretching along the perimeter of the venue is custom made at Crosby Studios Workshop and painted jade colour just like the bar stools and the overhead lights.


The tables just like the wooden floor are painted light grey. Tableware and cutlery are stored in the open bar stand among viennoiserie and again potted plants. The back wall, the only one without windows, is painted in graphic dazzling pattern catching attention from outside through the other three glass walls of the pavilion.

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