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CABANE de ZUCCa shop at Shibuya Parco by Schemata Architects


Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka of Tokyo-based studio Schemata Architects has renovated the interior of CABANE de ZUCCa flagship shop at Shibuya Parco in Omotesando, Tokyo.

“When commissioned for the project, my initial thought was ‘Unbelievable…. Can’t be true!’, because the CABANE de ZUCCa was the shop I admired most when I was a boy fresh out of high school, although I was not a fashion-conscious type.” explains Nagasaka “I didn’t dare to enter but only peeked inside from the street, and I was intrigued and fascinated by the simple yet sophisticated shop design composed of galvanized steel frames-such material was rarely used for a shop interior during that time. The impression of the shop space still remains vivid in my memory.”


“When I went to check the pre-renovated state of the existing shop at SHIBUYA PARCO, atmosphere of the shop had changed and it somewhat dimmed my memory. In order to regain the brilliant image, we resolve to design a space that is simple and sophisticated- and also stimulating our senses in a new way Nagasaka adds.


Chromate treated steel, a different kind of galvanization process, is used as the main material. “We intend to differentiate itself from the past by changing the finish and the texture of the material,” explain the architects. Chromate treated steel frames, which are composed of unit components to meet various needs, are installed in the simple shop space.


In addition, the shop space had been divided in two, because of a bulky column in the center, and also because the shop products were divided in two categories, namely “men’s” and “women’s”. This time the new brand, “zucca dayz” designed by Rikako Nagashima, is added as the third category. Wrapped in the chromate treated steel frame, the central column is integrated as one of the spatial elements, creating continuity in the wide-open shop space. The open shop front invites people to enjoy the unique shopping experience.

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