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Café Murasaki Bangkok by Fatt! Studio

Tinnaphop Chawatin

Thai practice Fatt! Studio has recently converted a pair of row house in a suburban area of Bangkok into a minimalistic café. Café Murasaki is divided into main two areas. The high ceiling area is the common one which consists of many activities. Here, the steel frame that hangs above the counter, is not only aesthetically-designed, but it is a clear reference to the versatility of the café. In daily hours, the steel frame is used to hang the menu and glasses, but it has possibilities to transform to place for lightning installation when the party started. Another remaining area with low ceiling is proposed to be privacy, space for meeting or enjoying side dish.

Local graphic designer  Sabhat Rakitawan of KK Rakitawan is behind the brand identity of Café Murasaki. “Murasaki was named by the owner meaning purple in Japanese. To add a story behind the name, I came up with the concept of dividing the word into three; “mura”, “asa” and “ki”, which means village, morning and tree. Then, I symbolize them and simplify the three symbols to a monogram,” said Rakitawan.

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all images © Tinnaphop Chawatin