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Can You Replace Only A Part Of Your Roof And Is It Worth Doing

Worker repairs a roof by putting on new tiles

As a homeowner, you surely pay close attention to both the exterior and interior of your sweet home. Of course, your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home that needs regular maintenance to be well-functioning and protect you and your loved ones from the outdoor elements. Though the maintenance is quite dependent on the materials used, the upkeep can also have an impact on the roof’s endurance. Your roof may degrade over time as a result of regular use, and this is actually the best moment your roof repair or replacement is required. Some homeowners go for cheaper solutions to roofing concerns. A half-roof replacement is one of them. In this blog, you’ll find out if it’s possible to replace only part of the roof and if so, if you should do it.

Can You Replace Half of a Roof?

Yes, you can replace half of your roof, but think about if it’s a good idea. Your roof may experience partial damage in some cases, mainly as a result of storms or falling trees. However, in most circumstances, a full roof replacement is preferable to a partial replacement. This will reduce the likelihood of issues and preserve the attractiveness of your property.

 Roof with new tiles

Why Should You Avoid Doing It?

Having parts of your roof replaced might result in a variety of problems. Your roof will be made up of a number of outdated pieces, which will lessen how appealing your house seems from the outside. In addition, roofers assert that it is more difficult to repair a portion of a roof than to replace the whole, therefore doing so can end up the same as the cost of a metal roof or the complete replacement. Most roofing systems are not designed to be broken down into components. This might lead to damaged seams, a leaky roof, or structural issues, which later on could cause more significant and expensive damage. In addition, by replacing just half of your roof, your home will now have two distinct roof parts, each with a different lifetime. Therefore, sooner or later, your older half will need repairs or replacements, resulting in a continuous cycle of partial repairs and replacements.

When Can You Replace Part of Your Roof?

Other smaller spot repairs on partial roof sections are achievable and advised for minor concerns such as leaks and missing shingles. If there was a storm or strong winds and you lost several shingles, a complete roof replacement or repair is unnecessary. That implies you can get by with frequent roof repairs and the installation of new shingles. Make an appointment with a certified professional roofer so that they can advise you on what to do next. If there isn’t much damage to the roof’s structure, you could simply require minor spot repairs, which are simple for your roofer to undertake and not too expensive for you. You should be aware, however, that new shingles may not match the shade of your old roof. However, this is only an aesthetic issue rather than a fundamental one.

If you’re wondering if you can simply replace a portion of a roof, the answer is theoretically yes, but we don’t encourage it. Choosing a full roof replacement will save you a lot of difficulties and frustrations, not to mention money, in the long run.