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Carryyygum Is The World’s Smallest Bicycle Rack

Carryyygum Bicycle Rack

Lightweight, flexible and stylish – carryyygum is the new smart transporting device for your bike. A quick stop at the supermarket because you forgot some ingredients? Luckily, you got carryyygum with you!

With carryyygum you safely secure smaller items like clothes, books, paper, handbags, parcels, lunchboxes etc. to the handlebar. Transportation becomes safe and convenient and falling milk cartons or bags dangling at your handlebar are finally a thing of the past.

 Carryyygum Bicycle Rack

It’s the fresh alternative to bulky bicycle baskets or bicycle racks and it makes a perfect match especially with urban bikes, singlespeeds, mountain bikes, racers, or bicycles with child seats. With its minimal weight of only 35 grams (1.2 ounces) carryyygum is really flexible – simply put it in the trouser pockets if you like.

 Carryyygum Bicycle Rack

The idea was born as Carl was riding through Munich – on his bike without traditional rack and carrying a magazine and his ping-pong rackets in one hand. The product designers of ID Design then turned the first prototype (with cable-ties!) into a smart product with a minimalistic design: now carryyygum is comprising a super-light carrier, a hook-and-loop tape with a rubberized contact area and a durable elastic strap. That’s carryyygum: the perfect gadget for aesthetes which seek for functionality and aim to ride without ballast.

carryyygum is available in 9 different colors on Kickstarter for €16 (about $18 USD) instead of €26 (about $30 USD) of its standard retail price.