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Casa Bonay Boutique Hotel, Barcelona

Meritxell Arjalaguer

Casa Bonay opens early this year as a first-of-its-kind 67-room hotel in the restored 19th century mansion of the Bonay family. The iconic building, built in 1869, has been carefully revitalized with a mind to maintaining the property’s exquisite original features, while establishing an energetic, creative hub for visitors and neighbours.

Working closely with Brooklyn-based design firm Studio Tack, Casa Bonay founder Inés Miro-Sans has reinterpreted the building’s traditional identity with inspiration from Barcelona and the Mediterranean, to highlight the building’s spaces and character.

 casa-bonay-boutique-hotel-by-studio-tack-barcelona_ Meritxell-Arjalaguer-2

Design elements including original mosaic floors throughout, a large naturally-illuminated corridor that floods interior rooms with sunlight and original solariums in the suites facing the building’s interior. Guests are greeted by the impact of an original marble stair, and pass under a series of archways, through banana trees, to the vaulted main lobby, where shared work benches mingle with overstuffed vintage sofas and bistro tables, to form an inspiring social environment.

 casa-bonay-boutique-hotel-by-studio-tack-barcelona_ Meritxell-Arjalaguer-3

In the bedrooms, contemporary furnishings from local designers and custom textiles with accents of green and blue compliment the original mosaic flooring and natural light from the rooms’ windows, balconies and terraces.

Situated near the cosmopolitan El Born and Poble nou areas, Dreta de l’Eixample is emerging as a vibrant design district in the city, a short walk from Barcelona’s best beaches. The founders have brought in friends and collaborators, in seeking out emerging and established local talent, to define a new creative collective approach to hospitality in the city.

 casa-bonay-boutique-hotel-by-studio-tack-barcelona_ Meritxell-Arjalaguer-4

The stand-out group of Barcelonan makers includes young fashion designers, an artisan coffee roaster, an experimental head chef, independent publishers, cold-pressed juice pioneers, talented furniture and textile craftspeople, all who have come together create this house of friends.

 casa-bonay-boutique-hotel-by-studio-tack-barcelona_ Meritxell-Arjalaguer-5

Casa Bonay believes in authenticity as a matter of attitude and the hotel has been created as an environment to inspire those who pass through it– whether they are visitors to the city or residents looking for a space to come together; setting the tone for something a little different for Barcelonans and their guests.

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all images © Meritxell Arjalaguer