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Casual Outfits and Elegant Jewelry: A Combination for Every Occasion

Casual Outfits and Elegant Jewelry: A Combination for Every Occasion

Some people might think that casual outfits don’t go well with elegant jewelry, but we beg to differ. There are endless ideas on how to mix them up and look your best. Casual tees with interesting pearls give the ultimate cool look these days, and people are loving it.

Here are some ideas on how to combine casual and elegant for every occasion.

Casual outing with friends

If you’re planning to meet your friends for coffee or shopping, all you need is a simple tee and jeans. If you want to add jewelry to this simple combination, we suggest you put on some interesting pearls. These days, pearls have become even more popular as many young people have started to combine them with every outfit, whether casual or elegant.

You can check out Pure Pearls to find many beautiful pieces to combine with your favorite outfits. From necklaces to earrings and bracelets, you can find whatever your heart and style desires for only a fifth of the retail prices. These timeless pieces go well with any outfit and especially well with casual clothing combinations for a cooler look.  

Going on a trip or a picnic

Heading on a trip or a picnic always requires casual outfit combinations. But, how to combine them with jewelry? Easy, just put on simple earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace with a single small pendant, and you’ll give your casual look a bit of a glow-up. You can dress up by layering some fine jewelry that matches or contrasts with your outfit, and this will bring out a fun, creative, and experimental look.

If you want to opt for a cooler look, you can always choose something like a black Not Today Satan shirt to give a little edge to your style. Even this type of shirt can be combined with beautiful jewelry if you know how to rock the style.

 Casual Outfits and Elegant Jewelry: A Combination for Every Occasion

Going on dates

Going on a date can be overwhelming, especially when thinking about what to wear. Instead of dressing up elegantly to impress, you can change the game by dressing casually but with a twist. Black pants or jeans with a casual t-shirt or a blouse can make you feel more comfortable, and adding a simple pearl necklace, or some small earrings and a ring will complement the look in a casual and cool way.

The purpose of elegant jewelry is to elevate the style when dressed casually and even bring out more confidence in you. Simple dresses can also be a form of casual outfit if mixed right. Bear in mind that floral dresses do not require much jewelry, but if you want to put on a necklace or some earrings, try to go for minimalism.

Girl’s night out

This is the best time to get creative and experiment with your style. Mix and match different patterns, styles, or colors. Put on some statement jewelry you haven’t worn in a while. Pair a summer dress with some colorful jewelry and let the outfit speak for itself. Jumpsuits are very popular these days, so pair them with a simple necklace or interesting hoop earrings and you’ll get the ultimate casual look.

Feeling comfortable and confident is what’s needed for this type of night out. If you don’t feel like thinking too much about what to wear and how to combine, you can always go for the simple jeans and tee with a blazer and some nice heels combo. This look brings casual and cool to another level. Adding some fine jewelry will only enhance the beauty of this look.

 Casual Outfits and Elegant Jewelry: A Combination for Every Occasion

Get-together with friends or a game night

Chill get-together dates with friends also require chill outfit combinations. Depending on the weather and location of the get-together, you can choose whatever comes first in your wardrobe. From jeans to tracksuits, it can also depend on your mood and emotions. Nowadays even celebrities combine fine jewelry with a simple tracksuit, so why not you as well?

If you’re heading out for a fun night out filled with games and adventure, you wouldn’t want some heavy jewelry that will get in the way of you winning a round or two. You can wear close-fitting clothes with simple jewelry like chic stud earrings, or a necklace with a pendant. This will elevate your style and deliver the comfort you seek.

Visiting family

Visiting family can feel heart-warming or stressful depending on the occasion, and you want to go for a simple outfit combination with jewelry that’s not too eye-catching. Even a dull outfit can be transformed into something special with the right accessories. If you want to impress some family members, like when visiting in-laws, you can always wear bold jewelry that will make you look effortlessly stylish and elegant.

You can also get creative and mix and match antiques with some new pieces. However, if you like to wear a lot of jewels you might want to combine them with something simpler. Pair basic and neutral color outfits with different style jewelry every time you want to show off a new style. You can go for some eclectic style in combination with a one-string necklace or small earrings.   

Final thoughts

Thinking of combinations can sometimes take up a lot of our time which misses the point of looking casual. What’s most important is to enjoy the outfit and jewelry you wear. You can check the promise rings collection to get more ideas.

Wear whatever pleases you, and if others notice and admire that’s just a bonus. Give yourself a chance to experiment and remember to always use your imagination.