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Chocolate Brown Kitchen Design Ideas

Chocolate Brown Kitchen Design Ideas

A chocolate brown kitchen looks excellent irrespective of the theme of your kitchen. If the cabinets in your kitchen, countertops, or walls are dark chocolate, you can have any other colors for other elements in your kitchen, and the designs will not appear mismatched. However, if you have chocolate brown kitchen cabinets, you have to be careful about the use of other dark colors in your kitchen. This way, the kitchen will not have a dark essence, but instead, the dark chocolate color will enhance the theme in your kitchen.

A chocolate brown kitchen looks excellent irrespective of the design you need to create for your kitchen. It will look great for a contemporary kitchen, traditional kitchen, as well as a minimalist kitchen, among other designs. However, if the design is not mixed and matched correctly, it might create a dull atmosphere in your kitchen. As such, if you do not have an idea on how to mix and match dark colors in your kitchen, hire a professional. This article explains how to create a classy kitchen design with dark chocolate colors. 

Chocolate Brown Kitchen Ideas

Most people love the chocolate color because it depicts sweetness. So, is a chocolate brown kitchen a dream, or is it attainable? Unlike other colors, you can create a dark chocolate theme in your kitchen by having all elements in the kitchen in brown color. You can use different shades and tints of chocolate brown or infuse neutral colors to break the monotony of using a single color in the entire kitchen. For instance, if you have all walls and cabinets in chocolate brown, you can break the monotony by having patterned countertops. It is rather difficult to find such ready-made options, so perhaps you should be looking for custom kitchen cabinets, in this case, you will have much more opportunities both for organizing and for choosing the colors of your kitchen set. Making chocolate kitchen cabinets so that they look modern is a whole science. The fact is that brown is a classic color for kitchen cabinets, and it happened naturally. Custom cabinets are mostly made of wood, which in turn has different shades of brown, including chocolate.

Chocolate Brown Kitchen Cabinets

The color of the kitchen cabinets determines the overall theme in the kitchen, even if you blend them with other hues. Kitchen cabinets occupy the largest part of your kitchen, besides the kitchen walls. As such, using chocolate brown on the kitchen cabinets will set the whole kitchen design. Whichever shade you choose for the kitchen cabinets should be replicated on all the cabinets – for the cabinets beneath your countertops and the hanging cabinets high above the countertops. Uniformity on chocolate brown kitchen cabinets allows you to mix and match the colors for other kitchen elements with ease. Brown oak kitchen cabinets are common in most homes – they are beautiful and functional.

Installing a Wine Fridge inside Kitchen Cabinets

If, like many of us, you like to enjoy chilled wine regularly, but you don’t want it to take up space in your main fridge, then you may be interested in purchasing a dedicated wine fridge. The problem is, if you’re looking to match one with your brown kitchen cabinets, you will be hard pressed to find one in brown, particularly if you’re matching a unique shade. To solve this, you should choose an integrated wine cooler, as they can be incorporated into your existing cabinets, meaning they’ll seamlessly match the design of your brown kitchen.

 Chocolate Brown Kitchen Design Ideas

Chocolate Brown Kitchen Island

A chocolate brown kitchen island looks excellent. However, when the whole kitchen has the same color theme, it will appear drab and sometimes boring. As such, you can make the kitchen island color contrast from other colors in the kitchen. You do not have to choose a different color – a lighter or darker chocolate kitchen island will make the kitchen look a whole lot better. Even if all other parts of your kitchen look the same, you can break the monotony of the dark chocolate color theme with a contrasting kitchen island. However, if the countertops in your kitchen look different than the walls and cabinets, you do not need to change the kitchen island colors. You can read more here on light brown quartz countertops.  

Chocolate Brown Kitchen Curtains

Do you need to have curtains that match the chocolate brown theme of your kitchen? Like the kitchen island, chocolate brown kitchen curtains need to be contrasting with other chocolate colors in your kitchen. If you have chocolate brown kitchen walls, choose a darker or lighter shade of chocolate brown kitchen curtains. By choosing a different tone, or patterned curtains, for your kitchen, you bring out the beauty of the curtains without going off the theme of your kitchen. If the walls of your kitchen are not chocolate brown, you can match the color of your curtains with the kitchen cabinets without having one mask the beauty of the other.

Chocolate Brown Kitchen Walls

Chocolate brown kitchen walls are ideal when you need to create a vintage look as well as a contemporary look. Dark colors work perfectly with a minimalist kitchen, and in instances when you need to highlight the focal point in your kitchen. Chocolate brown kitchen walls can look and feel dull in your kitchen if they are not mixed and matched with different shades as they should. If you choose chocolate brown kitchen walls, be sure to bring out the contrast between the walls and the cabinets. You can break the monotony by installing granite countertops with neutral colors (black, gray, or white). The countertop will act as a breaking line to that the walls do not mask the beauty of your cabinets. If you have cabinets hanging on the wall, ensure that their shade of chocolate brown is different from what is on the walls.

 Chocolate Brown Kitchen Design Ideas

Chocolate Brown Kitchen Accessories

Wall hangings, lighting fixtures, and any other accessories in your kitchen look great against a dark backdrop. Chocolate brown is dark, and this makes it easy when you are choosing accessories for your home. Any color you choose for your kitchen’s accessories will be made better. If you choose white, the dark color of the walls or the cabinets will accentuate white. If you choose a wall hanging with different colors, again, the dark chocolate brown color will make the hanging look better. Shiny chocolate kitchen accessories, such as lighting fixtures, will look better against a dull chocolate brown wall.

Chocolate Brown Cutlery Tray

The cutlery tray is a must-have for any kitchen. A cutlery tray not only has the potential to help cut down on germs and bugs, but it also helps keep your cutlery organized whether it is a spoon, fork, or traditional Japanese knives. You can add the cutlery tray that comes in a beautiful chocolate brown color which complements many kitchens beautifully.


Even if you choose to have everything in your kitchen in dark chocolate, the kitchen will still look classy. All you have to do is mix different shades and use breaking lines and patterns to ensure the kitchen design does not come out dull. The color of the cabinets will match, the countertops will break the colors. As you design your kitchen, ensure that each element comes off beautiful without one part of the kitchen appearing more highlighted than other parts. 

You can design your kitchen and save on labor costs. However, if you feel like you do not know where to put chocolate brown for a classy looking kitchen, hire a designer to do it for you. Again, ensure the brown color of your kitchen is not so contrasting from the colors in your dining and other rooms close to the kitchen.