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Christmas Stress Relief: A Mindful Ten Day Guide

Christmas Stress Relief: A Mindful Ten Day Guide

For many people, Christmas time is associated with stress. Everyone is rushing to buy presents, book tickets, close deals, etc. Christmas is overwhelmed with social interactions, long-term flights or expectations to create a ‘wonderful holiday.’ Some surveys show that in terms of stress, Christmas time can be compared with final exams or home burglary. However, it does not have to be this way. During the holiday season, you finally have time to have some rest, watch favorite movies, hang out with friends, or simply sleep. That is why we prepared several de-stressing tips for you to turn your Christmas into a special and relaxing time full of miracles and warmth.

We believe these suggestions may provide you with some stress relief during the holiday season. Our goal is to make your Christmas as stress-free as possible. Do not let yourself panic about the festive season ruin the moment – just turn it into joy.

Keep Calm

Play some relaxing music, light candles, lie down or sleep. Christmas does not require your energy all the time. You may have rest and do whatever makes you happy and calm. Christmas is a good time to relax and spend some time doing nothing. This is a healthy way to gain some strength after a year of hard work. Do something pleasurable that brings you happiness or reminds you of your childhood. Christmas is the time for miracles.

 Christmas Stress Relief: A Mindful Ten Day Guide

Eat Sweets

Do not be angry if the holidays make you ease your diet. Chocolate can be very effective in decreasing Christmas stress. Walking around the streets, you may find so many absolutely delicious things that are cooked specifically for Christmas and smell so irresistible. Allow yourself to return to those times when this smell and taste were a part of a big mystery associated with Christmas.

Walk More

Do not stay at home this festive season. Go for a walk no matter it shines or rains. Regardless of the weather, focus on new feelings, old memories, or bright emotions. We spend so much time in the offices that walking is something that we do very rarely. Christmas is the best time to breathe fresh air.

Work on Your Emotions

It is not only Christmas stress we are talking about. It is also about taking your accumulated stress in control. We suggest playing a stress relief game: as soon as you notice something that bothers you, take a deep breath, think of anything that can distract you and count to ten. This will save your nerves and will not allow your emotions to ruin your holiday (to avoid it use coursework help for students in the UK). You can call it meditation or whatever, but this game is an emergency rule for the times when things get escalated.

Refrain from Coffee

Christmas is the best time to give up drinking much coffee. If you are so much addicted, try having decaffeinated coffee at least. This will help you get rid of cortisol that only enhances your stress during the holidays. Allow yourself sink into a relaxing and calming mode instead of being awake and ready to fight as you do 360 days in a year. This new healthy habit will keep the stress levels down and add some hours to your night sleep.

Do not Complain

Take it as a rule for these ten days. Pay attention to what you say or think. Complaints and anger are so embedded in our lives that we may not even notice when we give or take this bad energy. Filter what you say, think positively, behave gently, and this Christmas will be the best you have ever had.

 Christmas Stress Relief: A Mindful Ten Day Guide

Exercise Every Day

It is important to focus not only on your mind but on your body as well. Take it as a rule: do exercises for 30 minutes every morning. Sport is a universal way to deal with stress. It burns cortisol and adrenaline and fosters the production of mood-enhancing endorphins. Gym membership is a perfect way to distract yourself and get new interesting connections.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking is always a bad idea, especially if you feel stressed. Of course, we are talking about excessive amounts of it. Try to avoid amounts that leave you out of control or at risk of escalation. Moreover, alcohol dehydrates your body and makes it feel tired, hindering the quality of sleep.

Delegate Your Powers

One of the most serious Christmas stresses is the realization that a huge bulk of work awaits you when you are back. Thus, if anybody dares to bother you on holidays, develop a strategy of task delegation. It is clear that no one would complete it before the end of the holiday season, but at least you will not stressful about the pressure that awaits you.

Have Fun

This is undoubtedly our best advice. The holidays will pass so quickly that you will barely notice them. That is why make up the most of this time with family and friends as well as try to refresh your thinking and reset your mind.



Ryan Bronson is a well-experienced freelance writer working for Same Day Essay, who helps students cope with complex academic assignments. He had worked as a teacher and tutor before he discovered freelancing. Ryan claims that being able to plan his work time is a key to healthy work-life balance. He takes Christmas as the best time to relax and regain strength before the new hot season at work begins.