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ClockONE: E Ink Wall Clock by Twelve24

Boston-based company Twelve24 introduces ClockONE, an ultrathin, meter long clock inspired by the capabilities of E Ink electronic paper displays. ClockONE was designed in collaboration with Lenart Studios, and showcases the most innovative qualities of E Ink displays. E Ink products enable unique product designs due to their extremely thin displays, ability to be cut into unique shapes and very low power consumption.


ClockONE is one meter long and 4mm thin, yet it weighs less than 4 lbs and will run for one year on a single coin cell battery. The unique design includes simple and intuitive controls, and an innovative magnetic mounting system that uses one screw and requires no level.

ClockONE will be available for shipment in September 2014 at a suggested retail price of $499.  ClockOne can be pre-ordered here.


all images courtesy of TWELVE24