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CocoFax – Send and Receive a Fax using Email

Emails have made our lives absolutely convenient. In fact, communication has indeed evolved from ravens carrying messages, telegrams, postal services to emails. With lesser physical interface, emails ensure immediate transmission of messages. 

But emails have evolved to a great extent and are made conclusive in their functions now. Did you know you can now even send fax to email? One might think how can an email substitute for an expensive fax machine, but that’s 100% correct, like emails have evolved, faxes have evolved too.

As faxes continue to retain their popularity by virtue of their immense security potential, organizations always rely on them. Investing in a dated fax machine is a passe now as the services are now available online. You can send and receive faxes directly through your email. 

You have to visit the CocoFax website to understand how immensely easy it is to remotely engage in faxing through emails. Faxes continue to be relevant, but fax machines do not. Let’s know more about how CocoFax has brought a revolution to the faxing culture. 

CocoFax- Best Online Faxing Services

Dithering the potential involved in online faxing, a lot of technological industry giants made a leeway into the online faxing business. Despite the multiplicity of players, CocoFax retains a very important space in online faxing. 

When it comes to seamless online faxing, CocoFax has set industry benchmarks for others to follow. Unlike the stereotypes, CocoFax expands its adaptability to other modes of operation. There are many special features that make CocoFax a top notch online faxing alternative:

 CocoFax - Send and Receive a Fax using Email

Sending and Receiving faxes online through Email

There are a plethora of email services. Yahoo, outlook, gmail, etc. are some of the very prominent ways of sending and receiving emails. The ease in segregation of important and relevant emails and other additional functions make them most coveted mailing servers.

Be it yahoo, outlook, gmail or other online mailing services, there are a few noteworthy prerequisites. These prerequisites need to be in place to ensure that you can send and receive faxes remotely through emails: 

CocoFax Sign Up

To be able to use CocoFax you need to get a subscription for the services. The process is simple and seamless as all you need to do is to sign up for Cocofax. The application also offers a very tempting 30 days free trial plan on sign up. 

The added benefit with using CocoFax is that as and when you sign up, you will be offered a fax number, totally free! The signing up happens in a very prompt manner. 

Email Registration

Whatever major email alternative that you intend to use, be it yahoo, gmail, outlook, etc. you need to be registered under that as well. Sign for your choice of email as the same will be used whilst your registration with CocoFax. 

Sending fax through Email and CocoFax

Composing a fax document through email is so easy, it is no additional chore. In fact, it is easier than sending an email wherein you need to follow set email etiquette:


Just start by composing an email. Whatever document you intend to fax, it must be attached as an attachment to the mail. It must be noted that the ‘subject’ and the body of email are truly optional contents. 

Only your attachment will be the designated fax that will be sent over to the desired fax machine. If you do enter a subject and body of email, it will appear as a note to your fax. Hence, even if you compose with just an attachment, it would suffice.


CocoFax is compatible with all forms of attachments like doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files as files that can be attached. It must be noted that regardless of the file type, it can only be received in a pdf format.  

Recipient email

Now comes the important part where you need to specify the faxing number. The recipient’s country code and the fax number must be stated in the recipient column and must be followed by @cocofax.net. The email substitutes the fax number and acts as a digital identity of the number. 

Rechecking of attachment, country code and fax number

Rechecking is highly recommended paraphernalia when engaged in sending and receiving of faxes. It must be ensured that there is certainty of the fax number. Incorrect fax number leads to charges with final result not being accomplished.  

Sending the fax

Post the recheck and reconfirmation, your fax is ready to be sent. All you have to do now is to hit ‘send’. Now, the document will lead to the designated fax number. When the fax is successfully delivered, you would attain a notification confirming the delivery.  

On the contrary, if the fax does not get delivered, you would still get a confirmation about such non delivery. Non delivery only occurs on the occasion of a manual error or the fax machine not being functional. Either ways, you would know the status of your fax and can follow up accordingly.

Receiving fax through Email and CocoFax

As stated earlier, the users receive a free fax number on their registration with CocoFax. Any faxes received on that number would directly appear as an incoming mail in your inbox. The fax would appear in a pdf format. 

Considering the promptness of the email pings, it is ensured that no faxes are missed. Hence, the ease of emailing functions with CocoFax ensures that it is the most reliable way to send and receive fax.


A random visit to the CocoFax website would definitely result in a subscription; it is so reliable and promising at the same time. Faxing is not only made possible with emails, it also becomes super convenient with CocoFax. 

We live in a world where businesses try to be very conclusive in their functioning. Fax had, fax has and fax will always be retaining importance it enjoys in the commercial world. Having the facility of sending and receiving fax to email makes it a further more trustworthy way to communicate.