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Coffee Maker Vs Espresso Machine – Which One is the Best?

Coffee Maker Vs Espresso Machine - Which One is the Best?

Ketut Subiyanto + Rizky Subagja from Pexels

The coffee machine is dominating the coffee world from the day it was invented. However, when Espresso came into the equation, a lot of people became a fan of this special coffee, and thus, the Espresso machine gain popularity.

Before buying any of these machines you should have adequate knowledge regarding coffee maker vs. espresso machine. So, scroll below to learn more about these famous coffee brewers. 

Coffee Maker Vs Espresso machine: A Comparative Analysis

Before we discuss the machines let’s have a look at what is the difference between a coffee machine’s coffee and Espresso. 

What is Espresso Coffee?

Espresso is a special form of thick coffee which was originated in Italy. It’s a very condensed and creamy beverage made with finely ground coffee and a little amount of water. According to coffeepidia.com, the finely ground coffee beans makes the espresso distinct from a usual cup of coffee. 

This coffee is brewed by an Espresso machine and each serve of coffee is called “Shot”. The machine provides proper pressure to make a perfect shot.  Moreover, This type of coffee is ideal for making lattes, cappuccinos, and ristretto. For starter baristas, it is good that there is a device to make espresso under $500.

What is the Coffee machine’s Coffee?

This coffee is brewed without any external pressure from the coffee maker. Here, boiled water is poured over the coffee ground and the mixer goes through a filter before falling into the cup placed below the coffee machine. Some modern coffee machines accept ready-made capsules instead of ground coffee beans to make the further straightforward.  

 Coffee Maker Vs Espresso Machine - Which One is the Best?

Difference between Coffee maker and Espresso machine 

Now, let’s about both type of coffee makers so that you can easily decide which one would be suitable for your needs. 

1. Brewing method

A coffee maker is an electric or stove-top device used to brew coffee. It usually consists of a pot with a chamber to hold the water, a heating element, and an arrangement to safely pour the water into the machine while controlling the temperature and timing of the process. Coffee makers brew coffee using gravity.

On the other hand, An espresso machine brews coffee by forcing hot water pressurized by steam through finely ground coffee beans. The result is thick, concentrated espresso. Espresso machines are typically electric.

2. Type of coffee brewed

Coffee makers are used to brew all types of coffee, including drip, pour over, cold brew, etc. Espresso machines are generally used only to brew espresso. However,  you can make latte, cappuccino and other variations using espresso coffee.

Also, coffee makers brew lightly roasted coffee well while espresso machine’s roast is more darker. 

3. Type of beans used

Espresso machine requires finely ground coffee to provide best flavor and aroma. While you can make a good cup coffee in a coffee maker using coarse and thick coffee. 

4. Amount of control/options for the user

Compared to espresso machines, coffee makers provide less options and flexibility for the user in terms of control over the brewing process. For example, some espresso machines allow users to adjust water temperature or brew time, whereas most coffee makers do not offer adjustable features.

5. Ease of use

Coffee makers are relatively easy to use compared to espresso machines as they offer various functionality which can confuse a beginner. However, coffee machine takes more time to brew a coffee compared to espresso.   

6. Expense

In general, espresso machines are more expensive than coffee makers, as they offer a higher level of functionality and control for the operator through adjustable brewing features. However, it should be noted that there is a wide range in prices across both types of appliances, with budget coffee makers available for a low price, and high end espresso machines (with bells and whistles) costing more than $300.

Overall, coffee makers are typically less expensive than espresso machines, but there is a large range in both types of prices across different models. 

Final words

Here we have reached the finel section of the article. I believe, now you have gathered enough knowledge about the both machines (coffee maker vs espresso machine). I will considered my efforts successful if you managed to choose the best one for you considering the differentiating factors discussed in this post. Good luck.