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Cofoco’s New Restaurant Concept ‘italy’

Norm architects

With Cofoco’s new restaurant concept “italyNorm architects have been exploring the balance between the unknown and the familiar, creating an atmosphere that is Italian, but seen from a Scandinavian mindset.

With its simple douce and ultra matte yellow walls and the warm blue azure notes in the upholstery, the interior hints references to the classic architecture of southern Italy, and yet the hues are used in a simple no-nonsense architecture with unique wooden flooring, benches and tables by Danish family business, Dinesen – typical of Norm and their Scandinavian heritage.


“We are embracing the Italian mindset. The atmosphere is warm, inviting, full of life and joy but we have translated it into interior motives that Danes can relate to. In our Scandinavian climate the cozy feeling is very important. Many authentic Italian restaurants in Italy are often simple and crisp. “italy” however is made with consideration for the Scandinavian perceived qualities, so even though the intention is the same – the outcome is different, “ says Linda Korndal of Norm architects.


Cofoco has several stand alone restaurants in the Copenhagen area but “italy” is the first real chain of restaurants under the same brand. When introduced to the Danish market Cofoco and its affordable gastronomy changed the industry completely. Now, their democratic approach is spreading outside of Copenhagen.


To ensure that the italy concept is viable in several locations without becoming generic Norm architects has worked with a set of spatial archetypes; from La Nicchia (The Niche), Il Passaggio (the passage), Il Cortile (The Courtyard) and La Sala (Dining Room). Each of the areas has a harmonious palette, but creates different moods and fits different contextual restraints. Every restaurant will become a space of multiple stories intertwining and correlating to form an inspirational and aesthetic universe for all senses.

 5-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 6-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 7-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 8-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 9-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 10-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 11-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 12-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 13-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 14-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 15-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 16-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 17-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 18-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 19-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 20-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects 21-cofocos-new-restaurant-concept-italy-by-norm-architects

all images courtesy of Norm architects